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Bali Villa 3313 Guest Review

Luxury Bali Villa 3313
Luxury Bali Villa 3313

Arrival at Bali Villa 3313

After travelling along the busy streets of Bali from the airport in Denpasar, it’s such a special experience to arrive in Umalas Bali Villa 3313. The anticipation from the outside of Bali Villa 3313 is exciting. Situated in a small street and hidden behind beautiful Balinese  timber doors you will find the most elegant villa awaiting you. Close to Seminyak for your access to beautiful restaurants, shopping and beaches.  This Bali villa is equipped with traditional Balinese style paintings and decor.  The carefully designed layout includes customary high ceilings. You will sense feelings of comfort and relaxation the moment you walk in the door.


Once you reach the entrance of Bali Villa 3313 you will see the traditional timbers of Balinese styling throughout. Open planned living between the kitchen, dining and lounge room is where the vibrations of Balinese culture begin to enlighten your spirit. Looking past the common areas over to the centre of Bali Villa 3313 you will be enchanted by the beauty of the exquisite pool area. Walking outside your room into your own private pool will be just one of the many features this Bali Villa will offer you. Surrounded by peaceful nature and exclusive pool side lounges you can relax and unwind in the finest Bali Villa.

Villa 3313 swimming pool and gardens
Private swimming pool and gardens at Villa 3313

Excellent Service

Bali Villa 3313 in Umalas is kindly operated by the lovely local staff who are there to attend to your every need. With 3 luxurious bedrooms suitable for sleeping six people you can travel happily to Bali Villa 3313 for a perfect family holiday. The staff and security will take care of you, there is no way to describe the kindness of these people who will so happily greet you throughout the day. The attentive staff let you relax while they tend to your needs.  You will be fulfilled by the Bali Villas service and experience your desired holiday mood.

Beautiful outdoor en-suite bathrooms at Bali Villa 3313
Beautiful outdoor en-suite bathrooms

Relaxation Guaranteed

An outdoor shower may be something you’ve never experienced before.  This Bali Villa has one in each en-suite. This modernised Bali Villa is so safe for your family, you will feel at home and at ease instantly. Happiness and Balinese culture surrounds you everywhere, while the smells of the offerings burn with a superior holiday vibe in the air. Sense that you’ve chosen the best holiday destination and feel confident that you and your loved ones are in good care.

Bali Villa 3313

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