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A Guide to Enchanting Festivals in Thailand

Do you love to Celebrate, mix with friendly & ethnic People, enjoy like a Kid and get close to nature. Yes you can do all these things in one place in Southeast Asia – travelling to Thailand will be a great opportunity to discover a lovely country which has retained its charm as a land of Culture and Heritage till date – Yes it’s such a country still ruled by a Monarch. Though flourishing religiously owing to its Temples, Art, Tolerance of Thai People it still symbolizes modern civilization, a commercial & industrial hub, fully urbanized and still maintains its own magic.

One of the most notable things to see and have fun are the Thailand Festivals. Read below to take a glimpse at some of the famous festivals and bring out how you can turn your vacation into a fun and frolic tour in Thailand that too with a cultural tinge.

Splash water at the Songkran Festival (Mid-April)

If you are frolic about water sports then mid-April is the perfect time to visit Thailand, yes we are talking about Songkran festival, or best known as Water festival, in fact it’s an exciting welcome to all visitors. The real amazing Thailand and the sportive spirit of Thais can be experienced best at this time. You can have free water fights with all. As it is the most striking festival, other countries like Burma, Cambodia and Lao state also observe this Songkran festival.

The meaning of Songkran is the entry of the sun into a zodiac sign, which is mostly regarded as the entry into Aries, this festival officially occurs between 13-15 April, during this time they observe their traditional new year. Thai people from all corners return to their homes and enjoy to the fullest. According to the Songkran tradition the royal astrologer will give all traditional calculations to the King for each year, these rules will contain how the Songkran procession and other events will be carried out. There are grand elephant ride procession during the festival on the streets and you will feel the royal heritage of Thailand. You will find kids making small Stupas and decorating with small flags. Young children also take out their bicycle and move in groups and easily visible in the common streets. They also gather in a center point and take part in the huge water sprinkling sport. You have to be there to get the real feeling of this water festival.

Rituals during Songkran…

On the first day of Songkran, people clean their houses with the emotional belief that all bad luck, sinful beliefs are washed away before entering into the New Year. On the next day all people dazzle with new clothes to mark the beginning of the Thai new year. They greet each other and go to Wats or monasteries to offer food to the monks and also exchange Thai dishes among their friends and relatives. Before starting of the water throwing festival the images and idols of Buddha are washed, known as Bathing ceremony to bring luck and prosperity. This marks the official start of the water throwing festival. The Thais also visit their relatives to seek blessings from their elders and offer them new scented clothes. There are many feasts organized for the monks arranged outside the monasteries. The feast is accompanied by typical Thai music to celebrate the occasion.

Throw water at anyone without guilt…

If you have landed earlier to the start of Songkran festival, you can also get to see people having water fights before the festival day too. They could not keep themselves from having fun from water sprinkling to crowds and passerby. You will have enough time to build up the mood for the actual festival day. You will find many young men and women with huge water guns and fancy weapons in the splash game. This is an all-age festival everyone takes part in fun and excitement, the Thai residents don’t even spare the people travelling in a tuk tuk.

This festival features many rituals as it is the auspicious New Year to everyone, they also pray for the dead kith and kins too. They perform Bangsakun, a religious service in memory of them. They pay their final offerings for all the ancestor’s well-being throughout the Songkran days. The Songkran festival is a good opportunity for foodies, many festival snacks available at this time, the interesting ones being the coconut green tea roll, papaya salad, coconut rice pancakes, Pad Thai noodles and many more to try after you reach there in April.

Be careful about …

The Wet streets are prone to accidents and Traffic jams

Experience a Gleaming Ritual of  Candle Procession (July)

This ritual of candle procession marks an important event in Thailand and its people. It occurs in the mid of July. It centers around the Buddha and his eternal teaching about Dharma, Typically when the rainy season starts the monks stop wandering and advised to stay in a temple, to avoid damage to crops and insects underfoot, this was a rule given by Buddha. This candle procession is more relevant in Ubon Ratchathani province.

Witness the mammoth candles…

This festival starts around the full moon day of July, this religious holidays are also known as Asarnha Bucha Day. People go to the temples in the mornings and return back in the evening to take part in the processions around the main Stupa, alongside they also take part in a sermon which symbolizes the effort to keep the Buddha precepts alive. This lasts for three months till October month and known as “Khao Phansa” or the Buddhist Lent. This period is considered as spiritual renewal for monks. Many young men also become a Monk at this time as it is mandatory for every male to become monk once in a lifetime. Government organizations also allow paid leave for this period of monkhood. This time is devoted completely to study the teachings of Buddha and meditation and can’t leave temples.

The streets are flooded with parades around the kingdom of Thailand where monks carry large candles which are big enough to remain alight for the whole three months. In fact you can also find many larger candles decorated beautifully. The candles are loaded with large vehicles and are more than 10-15 ft height. Traditional dancers also perform during this procession. So the candle procession will give you an authentic touch to that Thai tradition and culture. So visiting in the Jul-Oct months will pull your attention in this candle festival.

Enjoy the Grand  Parade of Phi Ta Kon festivals (Mar-Jul)

It’s the popular name for a group of festivals held in Dan western provinces – Sai, Loei. It lasts for three days and attracts thousands of visitors, the dates can be random between the months of Mar-Jul mostly decided by Mediums, a group of religious believers. The first day is the celebrated as Ghost festival, the residents seek protection and pray for rain holding a procession wearing costumes and masks made of husks & coconut leaves called as ghost masks. The second day is regarded as Rocket festival, the Thai dress up in various costumes and they perform various traditional dances and parades. This is one of the vibrant and exciting festivals especially for visitors. The costumes are a most important thing in this celebration which centers on getting rid of misfortune and bad luck. So all visitors intending to have a unique experience of parades and Thai cultural procession can visit this province during June.

You will be surprised in the early mornings …

The parade starts early morning  i:e 0300 hrs , so the pomp and processions will wake you up to the vibrant sound of music and thrilling crowds.

Thailand never fails to spell magic…

All these festivals and events are deeply rooted in the culture to respect the elders and respect humanity. Thailand an enchanting land for a great experience from the warm hearted Thai people and commitment to their ancient practices. The temples prove their great faith in Religion, Practices and God. They may belong to the modern millennium but they have successfully retained this way of life while living in a modern society.


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