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Jay Alvarrez Video “Girl of My Dreams” & Interview in Phuket, Thailand

Jay Alvarrez has to be one of the worlds most refreshing social media personalities of 2015. He’s young, bold, creative, outgoing, adventurous and still seems to maintain a level of modestly with his approach to life and how he connects with his followers. Now he has shown the world how fearless he is in-love with ‘The Girl Of His Dreams’; The latest video to drop on his You Tube Channel.

Featuring his model girlfriend and travel partner Alexis Ren, this 5 minute clip is now clocking over two million views (and growing!).  Villa Getaways Luxury Rentals Worldwide is honoured to feature our Phuket Villas in the clip and we even managed to squeeze a few words out of him before his next adventure!

QnA / Interview with Jay Alvarrez

VG:  What was your favourite part about visiting Thailand? 

Jay:  The food for sure!

VG: We’re all dying to know – how do you get some of those great shots of you and Alexis? Self-timer camera set-up? GoPro? How??

Jay: we usually just get the photos from random people who shoot them or friends haha

VG: What 5 travel essentials would you not leave home without?  


  • skydiving rig
  • 5 pairs of board shorts
  • camera gear
  • passport
  • A few pairs of shoes 

VG: Travelling with a partner can reveal things about one another you didn’t know. What’s something about Alexis that travel has revealed?

Jay: Ha, you do need your space at times!

VG:  What are items remain on your bucket list? 


  1. BASE jumping 
  2. visit every country in the world
  3. surf bigger waves

VG:  Finish this sentence; I Live Life To the Fullest Because.. 

Jay: of the fear of being average


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