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Lavish Beach Front Villas in Seminyak for Weddings with Panache

Wedding is one occasion, where people often open their hearts to new ties, relationships and expression of care. It is a special event, where special relations are acknowledged and it needs a special place to keep it special in the memories. Many celebrities, trendsetters and even maverick personalities choose Bali as a place for nuptial ties where they are able to tick all the specials we just mentioned before.

Beautiful and varied picturesque settings, fantastic array of cuisines, plethora of wedding planning and management companies,

bespoke designers, wonderful luxury villas and boutique five star hotels and lastly friendly hospitality makes it so that Bali always features in magazines for top wedding destinations.

Seminyak Villa 3373 Backdrop of Stunning Sunsets

Just open any magazines or search the internet for Bali weddings and you will be enchanted with pictures of beautiful wedding backdrops of pristine beach, cliff top sunsets or lush forests. Grand locations, unique architectures, beautiful floral arrangements, decorative festoons, colorful paraphernalia and an ancient culture that wraps a meaningful storyline to the marriage and can easily attract any couples wanting grandeur and distinctiveness in their special event.

Seminyak Villa 3373  Extensive lawns  Seminyak Villa 3373 Flower decorations

Each of the major town of Bali bedecks world- class opportunities for graceful wedding experience. In this edition, we take you into the best wedding villas in Seminyak, the bustling towns, where the wedding is equally bustling, lavish and brimming with smooth panache.

Classical Beach Beauty & Gracefully Lavish: Villa 300, Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak Villa 300 is a marvelous exhibition of classical elegance and refined beauty. In Seminyak, where most hotels have an imposing architecture on the elite streets, this villa strikes a chord of tranquil, chasteness and grace. There is an innate relaxation and beauty in just being on the absolute 100 meters of beachfront complimented by spacious groomed lawn with gently swinging Frangipani and palm trees, blooming lotus pond and beautiful temples with mossy pots and walls. Wonderful vistas, a beautiful infinity pool and the privacy of over 1.5 acres of land – no wonder this is the place for most grand weddings not just of Balinese people but from around the world.

Seminyak Villa 300 Helicopter view

To top it off, Luxurious cottages, 25 dedicated staffs (not part timers), restaurant style kitchen with four pro chefs and private yet close by to renowned restaurants and much more. Five spacious en suite bedrooms with truly jungle-styled open-air bathroom, a massive open-style pavilion cum living room and loads of entertainment and relaxation areas enlivens the grand property with pamper and luxury. Vibrant interiors, unscathed wood furniture and neatly spread tropical floras permeates the relaxing and lighthearted ambiance of the ocean inside.

Seminyak Villa 300 Beachfront luxury unparalleled

The five bedrooms are spread out into two bungalows with glassed walled master bedroom with plunge pool and two guest rooms in one bungalow while another bungalow, situated closer to the ocean, tucks in two guest rooms with separate lounge area and seclusion. The open-air bathrooms need a special mention as they mimic forest showers with tropical plantations neatly dressing up the bathrooms.

Seminyak Villa 300 Open air bathtub   Seminyak Villa 300 Villa gardens

The Frangipani tree inside provides shade, lush plant borders the shower and natural climber plants with lichens decorates the walls. The open style living room cleverly positioned in the garden easily doubles up as a pedestal for parties, entertainment, and great central space for absorbing the water-colored sunset sky and beach beauty.

Seminyak Villa 300 large open fronted living and dining area

The pro chefs have a strong background in international and Balinese cuisines and are adept at pleasing any type of taste buds and with the help of the professionally equipped kitchen; they can easily manage and cater 200 people if required. The chefs can also provide cooking classes and will assist you if you want to experiment any cuisine at your leisure time.

Seminyak Villa 300 Dining area

Featured as a cover backdrop in many fashion magazines photo-shoot and celebrity parties, villa 300 has been swathed with fame and celebrity style living for a while now, yet the picturesque setting of the villa, friendly staffs and the simplicity of its decor always exudes a homely feel.

Seminyak Villa 300 Breathtaking locations for marriage

The villa’s own in-depth skills, beauty and facilities and its professional networks of best event management companies does everything for you when it comes to wedding. For tiny details to complete event layout villa 300 takes the complete responsibility, of course with your wedding desires in mind.  “I just forgot it was my wedding, they handled everything so beautifully”, says one of the guests who just finished the wedding in true European style under bamboo and Frangipani archway. “From our Wedding menu ideas for fresh flowers decorations, bespoke rings, our costumes, fire shows, organizing friendly MCs and even Kids, everything was demonstrated to perfection”.

Seminyak Villa 300 View of villa and pool

Villa 300 has been infusing the weddings with sublime, distinctive and elegant character, so just relax and enjoy the festive mood with your spouse and loved ones as this villa weaves its magic again!

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Seasoned & Contemporary: Villa 3373, Seminyak, Bali

A Seasoned player in hosting magnanimous weddings, Seminyak Villa 3373 has impressed many rich party hosts and tranquil lovers alike with its charisma, comfort and care. Similar to villa 300, expansive lawn with pool, private beach space and mellow sunset graces this stylish villa. The villa features a specifically constructed stepped wedding pavilion with water feature to give a floating feel effect and that combined with romantic vistas of crimson sunsets, rolling surf waves, well-manicured garden and shimmering water forms the perfect picturesque background for your wedding photo as you say, “I do”.

Seminyak Villa 3373 luxury event venue

The villa truly highlights “less is more” architectural design. Clean geometry and symmetric design and elegantly constructed unique gabled roof walkway to the garden amidst water features not only blends with the big garden but in fact highlights the spaciousness of the beach front and welcomes the soothing breezes into each corner of the property.

Seminyak Villa 3373 Couple enjoyng the beachfront setting

The villa comes with four en suite bedrooms with glass walls and balcony to pull the scenic beach views into the bedrooms. Two private pools just add extra pampering along with the main swimming pool. Well decked with luxury amenities of five star hotels, all the rooms specifically offer extra space and comfort for bridal and grooms makeup and preparations.

Seminyak Villa 3373 picture-perfect locations

Owing to the stylish wedding presets, in-villa wedding planners and large space, villa 3373 allows a lot of flexibility, creativity and facilities to wedding planners in arranging for the main event. In fact, villa 3373 is one of the preferred partners to most elite wedding management companies so expect the wedding to be para-elite. . “The only thing I thought about was my wedding vows and everything else was just perfect”, says the newly wed groom.

Seminyak Villa 3373 Luxury Wedding Pedestal  Seminyak Villa 3373  Floral Archway

Organizing grand banquets, popular entertainers, beautiful floral works, colorful hanging lights, themed custom-made outfits and jewelries, and managing guests of more than 350 are mere norms for this villa. Just lets your imagination fly and let it nest on the able team of villa 3373 and see it shaping into reality – innovation is their second nature. Wonderful venue, talented pool of event planners and experienced villa management, villa 3373 has always been a conventional winner when it comes to doing wedding in style.

Seminyak Villa 3373 Bridal accessories   Seminyak Villa 3373 Arrangements for memorable marriages

We at Villa Getaways take pride in our skill of finding the right villas for organizing weddings from intimate to grand celebrity weddings. We would encourage you to speak to our dedicated service team about finding the right villas to suit your theme, taste and style in not only the best locations of Seminyak but all over Bali or all over Southeast Asia.

Happy Wedding!

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