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Relish a Barefoot Luxury Getaway in Private Island, Bali

We always talk about luxury villas and private pools, how about we talk of an island this time? Yes, a holiday on a private island in the middle of Java Sea with powder white beaches, luxurious abodes, five star service of chefs, butlers, managers and no one else but your family in the whole island! Private Island Villa 3363 (we use Villa 3363 as naming convention, but it means the entire island) near Bali is all about barefoot luxury, stunning nature vistas especially of sunrise & sunsets, aristocratic antique residences, freshest organic cuisines, unlimited water sports and an uninhibited privacy. The island is the perfect getaway for celebrities, honeymooners and for that last-minute luxury getaway idea – and all you need is some light beach attires and sunscreen.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 the shoreline

The aristocratic experience starts much before you set your foot on the island. Guests are received from the airport with first class treatments and escorted to the island either through helicopter ride, 18 meter long vintage yacht or on luxury speedboats depending upon the guest’s desire – all accompanied by gourmet snacks and beverages. The free-flowing winds, the secluded horizons and the translucent views of the corals beneath the waters give you the first sneak peek into the experience waiting.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 - The Raden Mas

Covering around 1 hectare in area, the island prominently delineates two white beaches and brims with nature beauty both inside & outside. Lush indigenous trees canopies the whole island giving it a green color and adds a tranquil whistling sound to the breeze blowing on the island. Clear fine white beaches gently slumps your feet into the sand as the powdery sand tickles your toes prompting you to laze. The crystal-clear ocean changes its color from blue to turquoise as it approaches the shores bringing in freshest of breeze and coolest of water and cleansing the island ambiance- perfect day for a suntan.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Joglo in the evening

Assortment of relaxing chaise lounges, daybeds and other relaxation furniture decks the island for a plushy beach experience. The entire island is a 15-minutes stroll and captures the splendid panorama of both the sun rising up and setting down the horizon at opposite ends of the island – best of both worlds. The seamless canvas of sea, sand and sky might be common in some places but the uncanny seclusion on this island is available to a rare few. “It brings out the playfulness and childishness in you”, said one of our guests on honeymoon in this luxury paparazzi-empty island. The island follows a strict restoration and conservation program and continues to maintain the virginal beauty of nature.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Joglo Interior (2)

The Villa 3363 is ideally suited to offer a plethora of water activities including both adventures and romantic to-dos to leave our guests with new experiences and lasting memories. Water skis, Jet skis, Kayaks, Scuba gear, Snorkeling, Speed boat excursions are some to name a few. Just contact the villa manager for your bespoke adventure and see it fulfilled effortlessly. The beautiful landscape of island fosters relaxation and pleasure and even just a gaze on the horizon is a soothing experience.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Joglo in the evening

Gentle strolls or frolicking in the evening on the beach or snorkeling with your partner near the island undisturbed by public eyes and greeted by beautiful coral formations and colorful marine life is truly a romantic experience. If you want to make things more special, then take your partner on a romantic voyage on our private yacht accompanied by romantic dining menu witnessing cheering dolphins, mellow sunsets, moonlit horizons, starry nights and many perfect moments to express your heart.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Romantic stroll with partner

Traditional massage therapies, couple spa and authentic wellness programs are favorites among the guests. A massage in nature using all ingredients from nature not just nourishes your body but also builds a reposeful connection with nature. Sea beaches and laid-back settings are usually the undisputed location for a wellness retreat, what to speak of a private island with luxury features and 24 hour butler service. Guests are introduced to Authentic and ancient practices of yoga & meditation along with complimenting diet and lifestyle exercises, not just for removing stress but also for gifting new approach to life and yoga practices that guests can take away and apply in their lives henceforth. Please contact our team for more information on our luxury wellness programs.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Lumbung Interior

The classical landscape of the island is home to equally classical and antique residences of Indonesia. Three unique heritage abodes along with a separate living and dining edifice are carefully tucked within the green fronds of the islands and provide caring solace to eight guests from the outside world. Each of the residences is a luxury-coated exhibition of classical traditional houses of different islands and painstakingly collected and restored from different parts of Java with periods ranging several years.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Ocean view from Bale

Each of the house features open style architecture with a focus on free ventilation and natural lighting and allows the pleasant ambiance of the outside sweeping inside. Keeping with traditions, natural elements like timber and clay forms these Eco-friendly aristocratic houses without the use of any nails in construction and blends harmoniously with the island. The exhibition of culture and arts of traditional times both in the making of the houses and the decor has continually impressed our guests. “It’s fascinating to see the intricacies of their furniture work without the use of nails and modern equipment”, said one of our guests in the villa.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 - The Bale

The highlight of the residences is the main double suite residence – an antique Joglos house (signature residences of Indonesian aristocrats of the past). The entire theme is classical and antique. Decorative and meticulous carvings, authentic and artistic wooden works, antique furniture and rare collectibles adorns the Joglo, brings into light the carpentry talents of Indonesia and promotes a sense of history and a laid back feel. Foregone classics like overhanging eaves, Venetian blinds, swinging saloon doors, floors over silts and bamboo gable roof takes you into the unique aristocratic era of the past.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Main Joglo bedroom

Spacious four-poster beds with net canopies, vintage side tables and other accessory furniture makes sure guest have relaxing and comfortable stay. The bathroom blends in traditional and colonial influenced architectures. Marble tabletops, vintage enamel wash basins and original reclaimed bath fitting from previous century Dutch clubs in Indonesia continues to throw light on culture and heritage.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Vintage Bathroom

Beautiful paved path amidst the whistling trees connects all the residences, which are moments away from the beach and offer cool breeze and spectacular views of sunset and sunrise all year round. The other residences represent the traditional Malaysian aristocracy and the last one represents a traditional rice barn of Bali that is similar to a tree house and constructed 3 m above ground, enhanced with premium features.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Balinese Lumbung

An experienced team maintains the island and receives frequent acknowledgment by guest for their dedicated and personalized service. The villa also maintains well-furnished kitchen fully equipped with barbecues and modern equipment. The chef is an expert in providing a fusion of traditional and international dishes and presents new dishes every day, unless requested by the guests – which often is the case.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 - At dusk   Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Living Room 2

The guests have the choice of dining either in the antique dining pavilion furnished with traditional daybeds and dining furniture or can have it at any of our scenic nature spots. The villa staffs will be more than happy to organize candlelit dinner on the beach, on one of the popular sunset points of the island, on the deck of private yacht or anywhere your heart desires.

Welcome to Bali Private Islands Villa 3363

The private island villa 3363 is a tranquil paradise befitting a perfect beach getaway. The island owner also owns other prestigious villas like Seminyak Villa 342, which was featured in our blog and more. With a passionate owner, desire to give simplistic luxury and lots of experience in the hospitality industry, the villa continues to receive accolades of satisfaction from the guests.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363 Approaching the islands

Whether it is for a honeymoon, a family vacation, a wedding or a wellness retreat, Villa 3363 with its nature gifts of timeless panoramas, aristocratic residences and keen and experience service continues to be destination for special life making and life changing moments. Hope to see you soon relishing the feeling of luxurious castaway in this private island near Bali.

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