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Escape to a Romantic Getaway in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the largest and the most popular island in the kingdom of Thailand that entertains its guests all-round the year with its charming beauty and humble hospitality. The soporific romantic breeze blowing on exotic white sand beaches with glistening reflections of the twilight moon on the turquoise waters creates an amazing atmosphere of tranquility and romance.

The gracious beaches, luxuriant grand villas, enchanting food and luxury facilities make the sojourn to this entrancing island certainly

special and memorable. Couples have the opportunity to spend some lovely moments on this amazing island full of panoramic views, sublime seascapes and romantic couple-friendly programs.

phuket romantic sunsets with twilight moon

Here we continue with our suggestion of the romantic activities that many of our guests prefer to enjoy with their partners in Phuket.

Warmth, White Sands and Turquoise Water

The highlight of Phuket popularity lies in its proximity to some beautiful islands and bay. A day trip to all or any of the destinations with your partner is going to script lasting memories of togetherness.

Phi Phi Island Excursion   Hidden Caves in Phi Phi Island in a Romantic trip to Phuket

Most of the beaches of Phuket are less than an hour to famous attractions like Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Racha Yai Islands and more. Each of the attractions even though brimming with tourists has not lost its spellbinding beauty and continues to offer privacy and space to the honeymooners & couples.

Phi Phi Island

Private cruise to any of the attractions and the views of the dolphin jump, island hopping and gourmet dishes on the cruise are just the basics now. If you want to make the trip special then please continue reading.

Couple Sea Excursion on Cruise   Discovering Phi Phi Islands

Sail sweetly in the Couples Kayak on the Phang Nga bay through the mangrove lagoons absorbing the scenic beauty of greens meeting the blues and exploring popular and hidden coves in the bay. If you like snorkeling, Phi Phi islands and Racha Yai Islands provide great snorkeling reefs to make friendship with beautiful tropical fishes and have occasional playful encounters with octopus, dolphins and sailfishes. The places are full of famous landmarks and the travel guide will keep you pleasantly busy with the best views and things to do.

Under Water Snorkeling Sights 2   Under Water Snorkeling Sights 1

The Racha Yai, Phi Phi Islands and some hidden coves in Phang Nga bay treasures some hidden areas ideal for private couple’s picnics.

Hidden Unspoilt island in Phuket

The cruise package usually comes with options for a private picnic in scenic yet isolated areas of these beautiful picturesque settings. Please contact our team for organizing a perfect romantic excursion on the turquoise waters of Phuket.

Classical Beach Sunsets Walks– Old is Gold

Beautiful beaches, mellow sunset points and lazy stroll paths ornament Phuket throughout all the sides. From the popular beaches of Patong, Kamala, Surin, Laem Sing to unspoiled beaches like Freedom Beach, Mai Khao Beach, Ko Rok Nok beach and finally the southern tip of Phuket  Phrompthep Cape, all provide beautiful sceneries, majestic sunsets, tasty snacks and last but not the least – an ambiance for holding hands and cuddles.

Classical Sunset Walks

Some beaches also offers couple horse riding and long tail boat rides to add to the romantic setting. The scenes of setting sun below the shimmering waves, the silhouette of yachts in the horizon, swaying palms and tweeting birds also set down the mood of the couples from all worries, while the cool moon rays awaken the warm side.

Classical Beach Sunset and Couples Relaxing

Beach, Dinner and Candle Lights

The romantic candlelight dinner at our beachfront villas always remains popular among guests and leads our romantic things to do.

The top things to do we found from our guests is to relax in the privacy of our beachfront villas. The couples spend late afternoons in the hammock under the palm trees on the beach, or in our comfortable Thai mattress or cabanas on the beach followed by themed candle-lit dinner with specially weaved romantic beach dinner, desserts and drinks by the chef.

Phuket Romantic Villas -Private Beach Hammock

Bask in the sublime sunset and softest breeze on the private beach sharing cozy moments and relishing dinner with chef and butler ready to assist you to make the moment truly yours. Please check out our beachfront villas in Phuket to give the finishing touch to your perfect romantic getaway.

Romantic beach dinner in phuket beachfront villas

There are also options of taking the romantic dinner from the beach into the blue waters. Our villa team can organize special sunset dinners on a traditional long tail boat on the calming lagoons or on board in one of many luxury sunset cruises with themed dining options.

Sundowner Dinner on Long tail Boat

Feel free to contact our villa team for custom plan for a romantic escape in Phuket.

Couple Massage and Spa

The spa and massage therapies have evolved from just the relief of pain or sore spots to luxury indulgence, re-invigoration and full day pamper experience. Couples massage in some of our top villas and in top premier resorts is not just a healing experience but also a small way to take your relationship a bit closer.

Couples Spa popular as Romantic things to Do

The massage is so organized to make it nicer for couples as the trained masseuses make sure the couples hold their hand together with some part of the program, quizzing the couples with spouse’s sore spots and making it easy for a small exchange of smiles during the program. The luxury spas promises to completely deplete the body of stress, tiredness and replete the body with rarest blend of essential oils, finest nature elements and of course a little closer relationship with your spouse.

Couples Luxury Spa Facility in Phuket Villas

Some of the renowned spas in Phuket include Mangosteen Spa, renowned for its Ayurveda spa therapies, Coqoon spa known for its custom-made spa suites and diverse spa menus, the Banyan Tree Spa with Asia’s first luxury oriental Spa and More.

Couples Bathtub with Jacuzzi

Please contact our Villa team for more options and information.

An Experience to Remember

At Villa Getaways and in our chosen villas, we try to make the experience grand and at the same time, our experience allows us to give attention to details. Destination Phuket is one of the specialties of Villa Getaways and hence a doorway to a luxury collection of villas with facilities like Private Beach, Luxury Spas,  Beach Front, Personal Chefs & Butlers, Tennis Courts, Golf Clubs and More.

Hammock in Beach  Couple enjoying the Scenic View in Beach Front Villa

The Private Pools, beachfront hammocks, deluxe bathrooms with spa and plushy rooms with scenic views gives couples the privilege to experience beauty and privacy at the same time. Couples can laze away in ideal luxury in the grandeur villas and can advantage of our modern yet laid-back amenities for a relaxing day.

Luxury Spa Bathrooms in our Premier Villas   Luxury Bedroom for Couples in our Premier Phuket Villas

Apart from the usual services of premium spa, private pools and international cuisines, we organize unique programs for the couples to not only experience them in the present but also take back with them the special events and experiences.  In-house traditional cooking classes and well-being programs like Yoga and Meditation not only gives the opportunity to the couples to experience something new together but leaves an etch in their lives for time to come.

Sunset view from our Beach front Villas   Luxury Villas in Phuket for Couples 5

The Villa team also organizes sightseeing of renowned local exhibitions and can take the couples on rural excursions to experience the culture and lives of locals and hence a new way of spending time together.

Private Beach   Private Beach Couples Sunloungers

We come to end of Top Luxury Romantic Things to Do staying in our exclusive Villas, hope to see you soon.

Check the beautiful collection of images enough to inspire a romantic holiday with your loved ones.


Take a look at the fabulous beach front villas in Phuket for your luxury romantic getaway.



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