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Experience a Royal Holiday in Luxury Seminyak Villa, Bali

Holidays come with many meanings. Sometimes it just about a break from work, sometimes it’s a get-together with families or friends, while sometimes it’s about just adventure or exploring. How about a holiday, where you experience royal living and treatment ? A holiday in Seminyak, Bali where you live in a classical Javanese palace and get to experience the life of aristocrats of Indonesia. If your answer is Yes, Villa Getaways are happy to introduce you to Seminyak Villa 342, popularly called the Villa Des Indes I, where luxury living scales new heights.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Joglo view from the villa Garden

The stylish Villa 342 is built in equally stylish town of Seminyak, known for uber enjoyment and beach delights. Beautiful natural beauty and synthetic wonders are available in plenty in this chic town.  As with most places of Bali, Seminyak is unique perfume blended from different attractive elements from rich culture to colorful panoramas, from ancient well-being services to modern entertainments and from being paradise for unique cuisines to shoppers oasis to bewitch the holidaymakers.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Koi Fishes in the pond   Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Asian Pond

The cool staffs with warm smile guide you through the floating path on the fish pond to the main building as the  view of mossy fountains,  blooming water lilies and  the shining playful fishes lifts the mood and brightens the heart. Particularly in the evening, the delicate lighting on the stairs, the beautiful walls of the Joglos exterior and the front look of the villa porch gives a first impression of an yesteryear’s luxury palace.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Joglos decor

A step inside the Joglo makes you feel like the king of good times as you soak in the elegance of hand-carved edifices, timeless beauty of antique Joglos, beautiful broad classical furniture and pampering staffs.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Day View of the joglo

The four-bedroom villa is comprised of three stylish Javanese cottages each made to relieve you of all stresses and  worries of the past, present and  future.  The villa is a repertoire of relaxation. Unique luxury day beds, spacious plantation chairs, classical wooden settees and other furniture of comfort make sure that all your muscles are cushioned. Colorful and stylish corner beds and elegant garden bale just adds cherry on this cream of luxurious comfort.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Relaxing Rattan Sofas   Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Relaxing by Asian Pond

The three cozy bungalows carry on the style and the antiquity of the villa and display a unique history of its own. One of the bungalows is divided into two levels with the upper level spreading out as an open pavilion terrace. The terrace provides a uniquely beautiful village view of the tranquil garden, slanting roofs and horizon covered by palm trees. Each of the bungalows features all the modern facilities and beyond to sink the guests to pamper. The rooms are beautiful exhibition of indigenous furniture and artifacts and increase your appreciation of a traditional art while the grand Balinese king-size bed with canopies and pleasant lighting assures you of a recharging sleep.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Luxury Bedroom   Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Luxury Bedroom 2

Speaking of recharge – the villa bathrooms with indoor and outdoor showers, petal covered bathtubs and luxurious organic toiletries completely flush away all the weary hangovers. The outdoor lounge chairs in the verandah of the bungalows provide extra comfort with its extra length.

Rest in the lounge of the veranda, take in the tropical fragrance of the garden, hear the bird tweets and the trickle sound of the pool and enjoy the taste of well-presented canapes by the attentive staffs.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Relaxing Plantation chairs   Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Wall carving in Garden

This relaxing experience is very rare in most five star hotels whereas it is just a trivia in this luxury villa. The two bungalows feature contemporary library with personal office space. The cozy library displays a huge collection of renowned books as well exhibits beautiful works of wood.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Bungalow Library   Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Bungalow Library 2

The villa easily replicates a classical artifact museum. The decor of the main living area of the villa is a unique feature not only to this villa but also as of the best in the town. Each of the objects in sight- is caringly and carefully maintained and serves as an object of admiration.  From the ornately carved ceilings to wooden antiques, from precise statues to the painstaking design of the rugs all forms a rare collection of man-made beauty deserving second looks.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Brass Curios   Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Hand Carved Statue and Classic Telephone

The smooth blending arrangement of all beautiful furniture gives a very welcoming feel. The shining brass curios, the proud gramophone and neatly arranged cushions and rugs, shows the staff skills with attention to details. It’s easy to pass away time here, surrounded by beautiful pool, garden and view of this living area-cum-museum. The Joglos also serves as beautiful background for traditional Balinese dances and entertaining cultural programs.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Cultural Dance Program 1   Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Cultural Dance Program 2

Apart from being the best place to experience the indigenous carpentry, the Joglos also hosts gourmet lunch and  candle-lit dinner of acclaimed Asian and western cuisines. The villa chef can personalize the preparations and is more than happy to cater to special diets. The villa offers some unique dishes, unavailable anywhere else. Distinct preparations, unique dish presentation and unique recipes keep you inside the villa even though world-famous restaurants are just around the corner.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Candle-lit Dinner

As you walk past the Joglos the shimmering reflection from the crystal blue pool invites you to take a cooling dip for your body and mind. The Joglo and the lush garden shore the curved pool. The colorful garden surrounding the pool and the cluster of tropical trees in the pool gives the pool a natural feel. Take a dip in the pool to feel like having a bath in a forest lagoon. The pool is ideal for families, where you can have a watch over young ones playing in the pool, while you can relax in the Joglos or in the comfy pool loungers. The garden and the pool form the courtyard and plays double role of presenting a serene environment for soothing your mood and as exciting environment for private parties or get-together.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Pool bounded by joglo and tropical garden

A villa garden also snugs an elegant bale. The extra spacious design and its location midst the tropical trees gives the bale a flexible multi-purpose comfort. Do relaxation, yoga or meditation or just snooze, or try some delicious cuisines – this bale is a unique setting for merry making. The garden also features a stylish corner bar decorated with amusing masks. The villa garden has all the elements of serenity to the party spirit and privacy to hangouts to perpetuate your smile.

Seminyak Villa 342-Des Indes-Joglos inside view

The entire property is a showcase of Javanese aristocratic living blended with modern comforts and lifestyle. Grandeur bedrooms, antique living rooms, over-sized pool, lush gardens, Asian fish pond & more – all provide an ambiance of luxury palace. The villa is located in a posh area, where renowned entertainment facilities, shopping, restaurants and colorful boutique shops are just minutes away. However the easier it is for you to go outside, the harder you feel to go owing to the service and the facility of the luxury villa. Many happy guests have been delighted with the luxurious comfort they have experienced, starting from being received from the airport via VIP pass, to being welcomed into the villa with fresh cool towels and canapes, the pampered stay and until the last step out of the villa where the smiling staffs escort you to your car.

As there is a saying “Rome was not built in a day “, the villa staffs have a significant contribution in achieving new heights of luxury and always exceeding expectations in Villa Des Indes I. From organizing best spas to driving around the city, to serving your needs to taking care of babies, the staffs will surprise you with the different skills they possess to excel in fulfilling your requests. The highly trained staff is professional in their duties but adds a personal touch in their service and care.

We welcome you to this classical paradise for a holiday of royal treatment and pamper to your friends and family.

The images below display the impressive Javanese style houses and luxury decor of Villa Des Indes I.

Check out this awesome video signifying Javanese aristocratic lifestyle in Des Indes Villa.


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