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Top Things to do in a Phuket Holiday

Dreamy landscapes, Warm Blue Sea, Palm fringed beaches, Green hills, Fantastic lagoons, stunning sunsets – seems to be an overwhelming evocation, but all these are surprisingly found on this earth in south west coast of Thailand. Affectionately known as the “Pearl of the Andaman”, Phuket is the largest island of Thailand that draws millions of visitors. Continually ranked as the best visited spot of Thailand, it is an ultimate destination for luxury vacation.More than millions of visitors arrive at Phuket for  filling up their memories with an assortment of activities.

From  frolic experiences with the emerald beaches, to reliving the  comics “Tarzan” in the thick forests, Phuket has something for everyone. Unlax with family or a friend with appetizing safari rides in the hills, discovering trips to the Phuket Renaissance or simply soak in the classical sea adventures and finally wipe away your tiredness with cool breezes and crimson sunset of the twilight. Here is the list of the top 5 attractions which are guaranteed to cause an echo  of  “Once More” in your ears.

1. Immerse in natural wonder @ Phang Nga Bay:

Explore the amazing natural wonder bay spread over 400Km2 in the Andaman Sea between the island of Phuket and the mainland of the Malay Peninsula. Located 95 Km northeast of Phuket, this can be reached from the town via Highway 402 passing through Sarasin Bridge to Ban Khok Kloi in less than 02 hrs. This scenic seascape boasts of green water, dramatic limestone cliffs and abundant wildlife taking shelter in the  Hongs and the Mangroves spread across the bay. Nearly one hundred bird species have chosen Phang Nga as their Home and rare species like Malaysian Plover and Dugong can be easily spotted in the shallow bay.

Take a Kayak tour to explore this stunning island to visit the primary attractions – James Bond Island and the Koh Panyee village. The James Bond Island as the name suggests was featured in a Bond Movie- “The Man with the Golden Gun”. It has many amazingly shaped rocks, lovely scenery and a good place to collect souvenirs and trinkets. Visitors stop here to do cave canoeing, swimming and jet skiing. After a scenic treat in the James Bond Island, discover great food and exotic handicrafts in Koh Panyee village, more popularly known as “Sea Gypsy village”. You will be surprised to find the village built on wooden stilts. You will find this place to relax and enjoy great lunches. The villagers are noted for their hospitality and optimism. The fishing industry is most prominent here. The occasional stops during the tour near the quiet beaches give enough opportunities to take photographs.

2. Tarzanning @ Flying Hanuman, Kathu

The hillside of Phuket is filled with thick forest which makes Phuket as an international adventure destination. The Flying Hanuman – a jungle entertainment center is located amidst forested hills and spread over 80,000 square meters, is great for exploration and outdoor activities. It’s an eco-friendly and well executed tour. If you are thrilled of heights then Flying Hanuman is the right place for you. Get ready to engage in this two hour aerial adventure in Kathu from a 40 meter height. The interesting activities include – Fly like a bird from tree to tree in the zip lines made of industrial strength cables while your friends scream to welcome you. Other rides such as High speed zip lines, Dual Zip lines and Sky Lines add to your adventure appetite. Walk down the sky bridges made of wooden planks and celebrate the stunning landscapes of the thick forests and endless incredible sceneries. The fun of climbing the Spiral Staircases is an excellent eco-experience around the trunk of the tree.

The tour provides two safety guides with each group (even if only one guest). They provide mosquito repellent sprays and the whole gear comprising of helmet and pulleys. The welcome lobby is superbly designed with a large screen TV where the precaution video is played for the guests before the ride. Restaurants and toilets are provided near the lobby. Don’t forget to capture the scenes in your camera. The whole trip of Flying Hanuman makes the vacation adventure very special.

3. Discover the sportsman in you @ Kata Noi Beach, Kathu

This is the favorite island beach famous for its warm water,  floaty waves, great sand and quiet atmosphere. You will love the whole view as this beach is separated by a small hill from the famous Kata Beach. You will feel joyous to see a less crowd, surprisingly clean and with less hawkers. Lovely to swim and relax in the Umbrella seat available on rent. Sunbathing and water sports are the main interests of visitors.

Surfers have a great time here between April and November. You will notice experienced surfers are launching themselves against the barreled waves rising up to 4-8 feet. Fill your adventure with other sports such as Banana boat rides towed by a speedboat or go for para sailing and jet skiing, Kayaking is also a major adventure to explore the beauty of this secluded beach. This beach is great for kids as well as beginners. This beach is about not only the sun and the sand – massage parlors are available for that extra special pamper. The exotic spas and expert masseurs will take you through a rejuvenating journey. Indulge in unique treatment by a full body massage or a foot scrape which will make you calm and happy and feel like a new being.

4. Kok Chang Safari Elephant Trekking, Kata Beach

Phuket is also known for its vast virgin forests which are more diverse than that of Amazon’s. It is great to explore both the nature and wildlife. A delightful expedition awaits you in the middle of contrasting colored landscapes. This dense jungle is located on a beautiful ocean view point and is accessible in minutes from popular attractions – Kata or Nai Harn beach, Karon beach and Patong beach. Overlooking the Kata Noi Bay it is known as the hidden natural paradise for its breathtaking sceneries and beautiful species of birds and animals.

Enjoy trekking along various jungle routes riding on these majestic species ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour trek. Kok Chang Safari provides the best safari ride and has friendly guides and handlers. Since Thai’s are crazy about elephants, the handlers (mostly locals) explain tits and bits about the elephants. They also share their wonderful knowledge, take photos for you and happily train you to feed the elephants. After your ride stop at a special feeding point where bananas and pineapples are kept in boxes especially to feed the large mammals and you will not be charged, yet a donation can be left in the boxes.

5. Phrompthep Cape

Never miss the Phromthep Cape, it’s famous for views of stunning sunsets located at the southernmost tip and 19 Km from Phuket Town. The weather is nice and the surrounding area is quiet. Apart from Sunsets, it has a bundle of attractions – featuring circular Brahma Shrine (also known as Elephant Shrine), very good market area to shop handicrafts & souvenirs and a famous lighthouse.

The Light House has a museum and has a deck, good for viewing from above 50 feet and catch amazing views of the whole southern half of the island clearly. This beautiful Cape projects into the sea through an easy grass rocky terrain, which resembles a mini beach to enjoy the sceneries and  refreshing treats with fresh coconut shakes at the Thai food stalls. The cape has no swimming area, but forms a romantic setting with colorful glossy pebbles on the grounds and views of waves  splashing the rocks and touching your feet and caressing you with the cool water streams.

6. Stay in Luxury….. 😉

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