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Top 5 Things to do for an Energizing Vacation in Koh Samui, Thailand

Dive into the depths, Swing in the jungles, ride the mighty animals, live in the fast lane or increase your body reflexes and agility whatever you choose is at your command on this great island of adventures known as Koh Samui.

Koh Samui is a beautiful island located in Thailand in the province of Surat Thani. Rich in natural resources with dense forests, wild ocean, hidden waterfalls, mountains and the man-made wonders makes this island a popular spot for an energizing trip. The island is full of exotic

villas and high-end restaurants that add flavor of special memories to your trip.

Have a look at the best 5 exciting and energizing activities based on popular picks by our Guests.

Ocean Ruffles

Koh Samui is home to many pristine beaches and with it comes the opportunity for superb, unique and futuristic water sports. The ocean is the limit when it comes to feeling the adrenaline in Koh Samui beaches. Try being the futuristic sea flyer with the latest of sea toys such as Jetlev Flyer, do a dolphin somersault with Wakeboarding or jump the waves with one of speed breaking sea rides on a Jet Ski, Kite surfing or windsurfing. You can also dive into the depths with seabobs or follow the aerial route with Para-sailing.

Jumping the Waves in Jet Ski

There is an abundance of adventures to test the experts and enough to welcome the novice. All the adventure sports offer quick training programs by professionals to get the basics right and this should be enough to ruffle the waves. Just ask our Villa management team about the adventure menu and you will relish at the beach soon.

Speed Boat Ride   Relax in Private Charter in Koh Samui

If you want to have exploration and adventure bundled, then Kayaking or speed boating is the way to go. When you talk about exploration at sea, the Ang Thong national park is the first and the best choice. With 42 islands in more than 100 km2 areas of Turquoise Ocean, explorations do not get better than this. Discover the hidden islands, un-spoilt lagoons and sail through beautiful cliffs on the ocean – this spectacular journey is hard to substitute.

Discovering Hidden Lagoons and Cliffs in Ang Thong Park   Discover the cliffs in Ang Thong

Jungle Play

The magic of Koh Samui is not limited only to the sea but perpetuates onto the land. After trying the Bluish Magic, is time to walk into the lush green. Explore the dense forests riding royally on elephant backs for a memorable ride and explore the wildlife of Koh Samui. The gigantic yet graceful elephants are sure to capture your heart. Feel goose bumps on your skin, while the elephant picks you up onto his back by his trunks. You will also have a chance to feed the elephants and witness their gentleness as they acknowledge your care by making thank you gestures.  Combine the elephant trekking with Four Wheel Drive Jeep safari to experience the picturesque forest shots by National Geographic Live!  The journey flows through jungle, beautiful waterfalls with the clearest of water in pool formation – yes remember your swimming gears. The journey continues through mountain peaks with a horizon view of the beautiful ocean and the Angthong Marine National Park.

Tropical Forest Hiking in Koh Samui

The forests, mountains and beaches of Koh Samui are full of scenic views. In fact the beautiful landscape of Koh Samui combined with curious villages in the neighborhood makes each place full of interesting local customs and sights to enjoy.  Hiking or Biking is the best way to take in the beauty of each of these places. Starting from Fisherman village, Maenam town, Plai Laem Village and more, each offer a great hiking or biking experience with great sights of variety of flora, fauna, temples and waterfall. On request, the villa team can easily organize your leisurely adventure trips.

Eco Tour Elephant Safari in Koh Samui

You also have the option of spicing up the jungle adventure by trying zip-Lines and fly over the thick green canopy for a bird-eye view of the beautiful rain-forest and its habitats.  Live the life of real Tarzan or the King of Forest as you zip across the tallest trees of the forest with proper safety gears.

Zipline in the Forest 2

License to Speed 

If you like racing, then get license to speed in Go-Kart in Koh Samui. Go-kart race is very popular with tourists and features different circuit layouts to impress everyone. The go-kart racing is divided into different speed categories, where even young kids can have fun on Go-karts. If you like to overtake all your opponents, then choose the pro karts, hone your overtaking maneuver and hit full throttle in exciting circuits. All the Go-Karts tracks are professionally finished and have full facilities for speed and safety.

Go-kart in Koh samui

Golf midst Coco Palm

Owing to the beautiful vistas of the nature, Koh Samui has become one of the popular destinations for Golf, which brings beautiful elements of nature and classy play at one place. The course’s design captures the views of the hills, ocean and lush forests and beautified by coconut grooves for a memorable golfing experience. Golfers can enjoy a range of golfing experience from professional 18-hole course at Santiburi Samui Country Club, two 9-hole course small wonders at the Bophut Hills Golf Club to mini golf suited for short bursts. Each of the golf courses suit all skill levels and comes with their own clubs, restaurants, caddies and club rentals for a complete day’s entertainment. Hit across the ravines, or over the tree canopy or through different elevated landscapes – golf lovers will have a great time.

Playing Golf amidst Coco Palms in Koh Samui

Eight Limb Martial Art

There is Kung-Fu in China, Judo in Japan and Muay Thai or Thai boxing in Thailand. Muay Thai boxing is a form of martial art known as “the art of eight limbs“, because of the use of hand, feet, elbow and knees. It is the traditional sport of Thailand and very popular as a sport and as a great exercise regime. Please contact the villa team to book a live Thai boxing match or just practice the basics and the moves with the professionals. It is unique experience singular to Thailand.

Thai Boxer doing Prayer before Fight

These adventure sports will surely extract all your laziness and inject fresh energy into your holiday.

adventure activities Koh samui_collage

Come jump, fly, swim, dive, ride and drive to explore this beautiful island for energizing luxury vacation in Koh Samui.

Check the exciting images of Koh Samui trip and switch to energizing adventure mood.


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