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Top Things to do for a Luxury Family Getaway in Sydney

There are few cities in the world that gracefully fuses the modern and historic, cultural and contemporary, laid-back and business lifestyles; and Sydney is one of them. From the tallest skyscrapers to iconic heritage buildings, from bustling city life to nature escapes from classical indigenous restaurants to multi-cultural gourmets and more – Sydney is graced with an abundance of artistic creations; both by nature and man. The melting pot of cultures – Sydney makes you feel at home easily. Whether it is families, young couples, business-savvy or nature lovers there is something world class for everyone. In this edition, we present to you the top attractions and activities for a luxury-filled family getaway in Sydney.

Sydney's famous Harbor bridge and Opera House

Walk into the History

Start your day with classy views of the both nature and quintessential man-made creations – Yes Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge panorama. Most of our luxury villas not only allow scenic views of the timeless harbor bridge and the iconic Opera House but also a short walk to them.  Equally, heritage botanical garden with age-old indigenous trees and friendly birds; lies in the precinct of the Opera house and all combined forms a spectacular site for a morning stroll.

Sydney Opera House

The garden is a great place for a picnic or yoga, please contact our villa team for organizing a luxury picnic in the park, or for organizing breakfast or dining in the Opera house with sweeping views of the Sydney harbor, Sydney cove and the botanical garden.  Our villa team can organize a guided tour for your family in the historic masterpiece, where you get to know the history, backstage secrets and inspiring stories associated with the Opera house.

Luna Park Sydney

If you love the view of the Harbor Bridge, how amazing would it be to climb to the top of the Bridge? Yes, now guided expeditions allows you to scale the tallest steel arch bridge for an unforgettable view of the beautiful Sydney panorama.

Harbour Bridge walk to witness beautiful Sydney panorama

Whether it’s a climb at dawn, day or dusk- each of the views from over 130 meters above sea level is devoid of any noise and presents a spectacular harbor view along with the quintessential view of the city. If you are more than 10 years and above 1.2 meters in height, you can climb to the summit of the “Coat Hanger”. Please contact our villa team for organizing the most popular top of the world experience.

Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge

See Luxury Darling Point Villas with views of Iconic Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

Shopping with a Difference

The uniqueness of the Sydney is it embraces both classical and ultra-modern era.  The shelves of the chic showroom blends unique handicraft, jewelry and works relating to urban fashion trends and vintage works.  The Queen Victoria Building is another grand & iconic heritage building with over more than 150 shops, showrooms and restaurants. The Romanesque building is more than 100 years old and is a spectacle of itself.  Stylish stained glass works; intricately carved arches, pillars and floors and a beautiful central dome give grandeur looks of the building.

Sydney's Queen Victoria Building for Shopping

Every Christmas, the building is decorated with a special Christmas tree made up of hundred thousand of Swarovski crystals and twinkling lights – an artistic display unique only in Sydney. The Queen Victoria building alias QVB gives a perfect retail therapy to the guests with products and services from the most famous international brands to boutique products.

If you want to experience the traditional Australian and indigenous works in a true Australian lingo then the Weekend market at The Rocks is the place to be. Over more than 200 open shops exhibits indigenous hand-made crafts, finest Australian produce, designer and abstract jewelries, unique antiques and collectibles, organic restaurants, art galleries and many more.  It’s a nice opportunity to find out the know-hows of the unique shops and to get up close and personal with the local shopkeepers.

Museums and Arts

We have talked about the history, culture and indigenous works. It is not a surprise that the next thing popular is multitude of art galleries and national museums. Over more than 50 museums and art galleries brings back to life the stories of culture, art, history, science and more. Some of the museums are the oldest in Australia, while some exhibits modern arts from all over the world. Most of the museums are not just about statues or artefacts but comes with the prototypes, dummies, innovative experimental films and conceptual demonstrations that take viewing into a new level.  The museums also feature a series of special exhibits by international artists all year around.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney

One of the popular museums is the Museum of Contemporary Art also known as MCA featuring over more than 4000 finest contemporary art exhibits from around the world. The MCA focuses on learning and has a cutting edge dedicated learning center that uses multimedia and visual technologies to foster creative learning for young kids. The museum also has a shop that sells unique contemporary designs, jewelry and artifacts to come a full circle. Most of our villas are close to popular museums of Sydney. Please contact our villa team for getting the list of museums ideally suited for your taste.

See Luxury Villas near Museums in Circular Quay.

Sydney Beaches

Sydney is home to over more than 70 beaches. From classical stretch of blonde sands to unkempt rocky cliffs, from frolic ripping tides to mellow waves and from surf friendly beaches to shallow shores, Sydney beaches have it all. Apart from the beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water and majestic sunsets, each of the beaches are beautified by either bush walks or national parks or rocky cliffs or with just classical restaurants or heritage buildings.

Beach in Sydney

From young adults, to families and celebrities to low-key people, Sydney beaches attract everyone luring them to dip their foot. One of the most popular beaches among the tourists from all classes is Bondi Beach & Manly Beach.

Bondi Beach in Sydney

Bondi Beach bonds well with everybody. Surrounded by chic restaurants, fashion galleries and boutique shops Bondi beach have impressed the world over with expansive golden sands, majestic views and a multitude of entertainment opportunities for everyone.  The usual classics of surfing, swimming and sun lounging are not the only favorites. Special ramps for skateboarding and bikes; tracks for jogging and scenic walk; parks for lunch and massive salt-water pool for family keeps everyone entertained. Crash courses in surfing, virtual dive experience, ocean photo galleries etc. also takes in Kids into the Bondi Experience.

Popular rock swimming pool near Bondi beach   Secluded beach

Manly Beach is not only beautiful by itself but also ornamented by beautiful vistas of the Pacific Ocean, Sydney Harbor and Sydney Harbor National park on three sides, the photogenic Manly beach is one of the favorites in Sydney and in the world. Along with usual five star standards of stylish restaurants, shops, Spas and scenic walks – Manly beach boasts a laid back ambiance and friendly locals. Plenty of thrills over the waves like surfing, speedboat rides, kayaking and many beach sports and kids park near the beach make the beach ideal for families.

Beach front villas with sweeping views of Ocean

Sydney has many beaches and be guaranteed that you will find the beach of your choice and mood. Most of our villas are beachfront and opens out to sweeping views of the beach along with infinity pools for that special experience. Some of the villas also have private beach access and can organize private cruise trips and more. Please contact our villa team to know more about our beach front villas and services.

Private Cruise Trips

Zoo and Aquarium

Most of the Zoos in Sydney allow your family up-close and personal with the Australian natives such as friendly marsupials, the wombats, the cute koalas, and other beautiful animals of the world. Amazing shows with the animals, inside story about their life and their friendly gestures give a peaceful and touching experience to the guests.

Taronga Zoo in Sydney

One of the most popular zoos in Sydney is the Taronga Zoo situated in the backdrop of the popular Sydney vista of the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. Claimed as one of the largest zoo in Sydney, the zoo is famous not only for its vast species of fauna but also for its good educational programs, animal conservation programs, sky tram safari and the popular night stay program at the zoo.

Lions in Taronga Zoo

Some of the favorite activities are the Seal Show, feeding the giraffes, playing with the lemurs and marsupials and the baby elephant- Yes, baby elephant!  The visit to the zoo itself is a pleasant experience as you cruise through on a ferry ride to the destination.

Tiger in Taronga Zoo

Similar to the Zoo, the Aquariums and Oceaniariums in Sydney offers close up experience with the marine world. The view of the more than 600 varieties of species, in an environment similar to natural habitat; is a fascinating experience for all age groups. The Sea life Sydney Aquarium is one of the most popular aquarium and allows underground see-through glass tunnels to observe the sharks, crocodiles along with other rare and endangered ocean species surrounding you.

Sydney for a luxury family getaway

The aquarium offers great background stories and the inside track on the marine lives and shark feeding sessions along with view of coral reefs. The aquarium also provides Yoga classes in morning with views of the tranquil marine life and sea depths through glass walls for a special relaxing experience.

We hope you liked our recommendations for an enjoyable luxury family getaway in Sydney.

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