Unparalleled Luxury in Nature: Seychelles Dreaming at Praslin Villa

If, like most people, the Seychelles is on your bucket list of idyllic places to visit before you kick the proverbial yourself, then Praslin Villa should definitely be on your list of “must stays” for its seductive natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

Set in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, Praslin is the second-largest island in the Seychelles archipelago and like the main island of Mahé, is comprised of granite peaks within a mountain ridge that runs east to west down the middle. Inviting translucent waters lap at silken sand beaches, while nature turns it on with flourishes of exotic birds and flora in the rainforested slopes. Check out the Giant Tortoise Farm for something really different to come in touch with these majestic ancient creatures.

Praslin offers an attractive tasting plate of Creole culture with a slowed-down pace, perfect for relaxing and giving in to the tropical island holiday vibe. There are plenty of fine-dining options for the food lovers and tasty Creole cuisine to tempt the tastebuds, such as Coco Rouge, Restaurant Paradisier and Café des Arts.


If you’re after underwater adventure, White Tip Dive Centre offers snorkelling and scuba diving tours to see the immense underwater world surrounding the island.

Praslin Villa 137

Enjoy all the temptations that Praslin has to offer in your very own private luxury villa. An oasis of serenity, Villa 137 from Villa Getaways kisses the ocean in its exclusive beachfront location. Fit for royalty, this exquisite luxury haven takes advantage of its prime location from every angle, with timber decking and infinity pool built over the sandy shore. Listen to the waves lap gently from your choice of one of the five bedrooms as you drift off to sleep at night. If you want to stretch away your weekday stress, yoga sessions are included in your stay. Time stops and the rest of the world melts away as you indulge your senses in this sumptuous location.

Luxury Living

Along with the five bedrooms, this luxury lodging is bookended by two private villas each with a private pool. If you’ve always dreamt of lazing by the ocean in your own private luxury accommodation, this exclusive private residence will help make your dreams come true. Perfect for large families or groups of friends, this Seychelles specialty will really impress.

Luxury Services

Why stay in a 5-star hotel when you can have everything you need and more in an exclusive and private luxury accommodation. Praslin’s prime address is attended by enthusiastic staff to offer you a perfect paradise stay with all the trimmings. Enjoy modern facilities and services that include in-villa dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a prestigious wine cellar, leisure activities and access to the famous nearby Raffles hotel’s spa. Practise your swing on the course at Lemuria or take your pick of watersports and activities. For an unforgettable Seychelles luxury holiday experience, this Praslin paradise is a pinnacle of exclusive accommodation.

Household staff: one chef, two housekeepers, one butler, one gardener.

Security : The premises is secured by an electric automatic gate, while the villa is equipped with an alarm system covering the living areas and all rooms include a private safe.

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