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Vampped Tours Get Social in Phuket with Villa Getaways

We’re excited to announce our next wave of social influencers to experience our Luxury Vacation Villas.  Ten of the most sought-after social influencers from Los Angeles and Australia will have a relaxing and enjoyable time shooting stills and videos in beautiful Phuket.

What is Vampped you say?

Vampped is a creative marketing agency specialising in re-vampping content and repositioning brands in the social marketplace.

We caught up with Director and Co-Founder Robert Graham to learn more about Vampped.

Robert Graham_Andaz - Vampped with Villa Getaways
Robert (Right) on location at The Andaz West Hollywood

VG: Hi Robert! So who’s involved in Vampped?  


Lindsey and myself are the founders, some of our talents are listed HERE

VG: How did it start and why? 

RG:We saw a very specific need for a new type of digital marketing that utilized the global power of social influencers. We saw the rise of social and began to sign talent who are more versatile.

VG: What are some of the most exciting tours you have done so far?

RG: We have been to Hawaii, Thailand (now) and St. Lucia . We have also scheduled tours to Bali and Costa Rica.

VG: You could possibly have the best job in the world. What’s a day in the life of a Vampped director like? 

RG: It is absolutely the best job in the would. We work with incredible talent, travel the world and work with some of the most exclusive brands in the world.

VG: What are 5 things you love most about Phuket? 

RG: The beaches, the people, the hospitality, the beauty and the cuisine!

VG: What are 5 things you wouldn’t leave home without on your Luxury Villa stay?

RG: My camera, board shorts, phone, sunglasses and excitement.

VG: As social media is becoming more and more part of our every day lives, it’s also now increasingly becoming essential for businesses to grow. What’s your take on the world on this fast paced world of social media and where will it go next? 

RG:  Social media will only continue to grow in popularity. This is evidenced by the rise of social media celebrities over the last 3 years. 

Follow their adventures in Phuket this week with #VAMPPEDTOURS & #THEGETAWAYLIFE 

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Hahhah Stocking - Vampped in Phuket with Villa Getaways
Hannah Stocking enjoying the infinity pool at Villa Andara (Villa 4549)

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Vampped in Phuket with Villa Getaways

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