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Bali Retreat: Experience Village Luxury in Urban Seminyak

Bali continues to be one of the top holiday destinations for pleasure seekers from across the globe. Bali is one of those rare salad bowls, which encompasses the greatest variety of holiday ingredients to satisfy the unique holiday yearning of every individual. From beach enchantments in the southern regions to mellow ambiance in north; from village wonders of the east to rare natural reserves in the west and finally the ethnic hub in central Bali- each region of Bali forms a unique recipe for happiness.


Holiday makers flock Bali to satisfy their unique meaning, reason and a feel for a holiday and Bali responds with an offer of unique holiday definitions, solutions and experiences. From backpacker bungalows to luxurious oasis, beach front mansions and cliff top palaces, Bali is the obvious choice for a perfect holiday destination.

Seminyak Villa 308  Wood Carving   Seminyak Villa 308 Stone Carving

We get so many requests for articles about the various places-of-wonder in Bali, so in today’s edition we will focus on a private beach seize in Seminyak in Southern Bali.

Seminyak is a beautiful display of  man-made showpieces,  nestled beside the gorgeous seascape with never ending stretches of smooth sand, quiet beaches and stunning sunsets. Talk with any travel agency or browse the internet for information about Seminyak and you will hear words like “boutique shopping”, “luxury spas”, “gourmet cuisines”, “dazzling nightlife”, “thrilling adventure experiences” and much more to suit the taste of all tourists from jet-setters to thrill seekers. If your vision of a holiday in Bali contains images of posh landscape, private beaches, pampering in premium spas, shopping in boutique shops, luxurious picnics, delicious gourmet food,  sophisticated clubs and restaurants and above all, a private abode to recharge, then pack your bags and prepare for a 5 star escape to the stylish Seminyak.

Seminyak Villa 308 Sea View from Lombok House   Seminyak Villa 308 Toraja Pavilion Dining

In this ultra chic town, it is easy to immerse yourself in the whirlpool of big shopping complexes, elegant restaurants, deluxe wellness centers and classy adventure parks. See time float away easily as you surf the busy streets. When your body and mind are ready for a break , just wave to Villa Getaways and allow us to sail you into a harbor of seclusion – a luxury villa to anchor your tired body for rest and rejuvenation to prepare for the next plunge into the scintillating landscape.

Seminyak Villa 308 Villa Estate

This luxurious abode, rated second amongst Top Ten Villas in Bali by DestinAsian magazine is labeled as Seminyak Villa 308 or popularly called The Bungadesa Villa. As the name so the fame. One of the meanings of Bungadesa means “Village Beauty” and this enchanting villa is a delicate blend of Indonesian heritage, modern comforts and a village ambiance to redraw your mind attention into views of nature, niceness and nostalgia for old time in Bali. This grand 34 acre property rests on the  beach front embraced by gentle melody of the sea waves and calming fresh ocean breeze. Luxurious traditional Indonesian dwellings exhibits the essence of Bali arts and furniture, large pools, fragrant frangipanis, palm trees, private organic vegetation and seats of coziness punctuate the lush green expanse. The villa is just a stroll away from the glitterati of Seminyak. As you enter the Villa gates, witness the sound of the traffic is gradually muted, while the odour of the street is replaced by the subtle fragrance of Frangipanis.

Seminyak Villa 308 Balcony Lombok House    Seminyak Villa 308 Bali Pavilion Garden

The Bungadesa property hosts two magnificent villas comprised of five en-suite bedrooms in three spacious pavilions and two en-suite bedrooms in two pavilions, with a total of seven bedrooms to pamper fourteen guests. The pavilions are named after to the five islands of Indonesia and retain the architectural essence of the respective islands. Each pavilion is a contemporary exhibition of classical Indonesian architecture and carpentry, art forms which are fast fading into history. All the pavilions are a spectacle in themselves. The design inspirations received by travelling to the five islands, can be attained by staying in the luxury property. From the saddle-back roof and open architectures of Torajo in Sulawesi to the  grass (alang-alang) thatched roof of Irian island, from the gabled brick tiles and openness of Timor and Madura islands to traditional bamboo lumbungs (rice barns) of Lombok island, from Javanese joglos to Balinese salas – Bungadesa is an Indonesian renaissance.

Each pavilions is designed in such a way to allow you to contemplate, cuddle and commune with nature’s beauty from the pavilion itself. The expansive fragrant  garden, unbounded swimming pool,  open floors and shady balconies – all provide the perfect vantage for enjoying the pleasing ambiance of nature. Swim in the clear blue pool and allow the busy-ness of the mind to be washed away and replaced by tranquil images of the garden displaying different shades of green, the white cockatoos displaying their bright crests, the brilliant sun enhancing the vividness of the colorful flowers and the calming sound of the breeze as it is filtered through the swaying palms and the straw thatch. Relax in an array of comfortable outdoor furnitures and witness the muted view of the bustling beach in one end and on the other end hear the unmuted euphony of the surf of the waves, the welcoming sounds of the birds and the soft giggles of your friends playing at the beach.

Seminyak Villa 308 Pool   Seminyak Villa 308 Dining and Outdoor furnitures

The interiors of the villas seem like a luxury expo. Classical carved joglos (hand carved decorated ceilings), meticulously hand carved beds and sofas, shell ornamented doors and beautifully wooden chipped frames spreads the reminiscence of Indonesian arts and crafts in this spectacular villa. Ethnic paintings, eye-soothing wall hangings, beautiful traditional statues, miscellaneous hand-made curios and colorful flora decorate the spacious interiors, some arranged in complementing styles and some arranged in a pleasant contrast. All the furniture of  the villas radiates a vintage feel and is sure to impress even the most discerning antique furniture collectors. Solidarity, simplicity and sophistication are some of the features of the furniture in each villa. Distinctive theme of dark teak, bamboo, cane and rattan furniture decorates each of the pavilions and the pleasant smell of the wood mingles and infuses the air as it passes through each of the rooms. The villa is guaranteed to make you attached to your camera, since every scene from the villa or of the villa makes the perfect background to click photos of your loved ones.

Seminyak Villa 308 Timor Pavilion Twin Bedroom   Seminyak Villa 308 Timor Pavilion Terrace

The open floor and balconies double up as very useful space for work and office talks. Make voice calls through internet, browse business magazines or frame new strategies for work, the balmy atmosphere creates the perfect setting for stirring inspirations and innovations. Each bedroom  is an unwind room and presents a colorful  landscape of blue ocean, smooth golden beach and lush gardens from every corner. The lampshaded luminaires lights up a perfect mood for mellow conversations. The cushions and mattresses are not just decorative but wonderfully recuperative. Relax on any of the furniture of rest and witness as your body drifts towards an pleasant snooze. Untie the canopy on the bed and get snugly wrapped in the soft natural batik linens for a sleep without a blip. Observe the remarkable paradox in nature’s beauty as the same nature assists a person in sleep and in waking up. See how nature with her calming sea breeze, the cool moonlight and the soft chirps from the garden helps you sleep better, while the same  nature with her gentle morning breeze, the light of the dawn and the peeps of the cockatoo in the garden helps you to wake up.   The ensuite stone paved open air bathrooms compliments the atmosphere of the villa. Beautiful carved doors, the engravings on the wall  and handmade essential oil blended toiletries extends the luxury of the villa into the bathrooms as well.

Seminyak Villa 308 Toraja Bedroom area   Seminyak Villa 308 Toraja Bedroom and view

The pavilions host the perfect furniture arranged neatly at the perfect places, both without and within the pavilion to capture the perfect nature’s shot. A multitude of rattan and cane seats and recliners adorned with bright cushions are arranged around the pool and throughout the garden to accommodate your personal choice of comfort, your personal vision of nature and your personal style of play. Lounge in front of the pool and enjoy the frolic of your near and dear ones as the glimmering pool reflects a tinge of blue all around, contemplate the day from the haven of the hammock or try some yoga stretches in the garden gazebo. Gossip with your loved ones in the hanging wicker chairs, recline on the full length cushiony sofa while being pampered by the ocean breeze. Or you could get cozy in the wooden swing while soaking up the romantic ambience from the resplendent sky that looks like a freshly painted canvas splashed with varied hues of red rose and orange tulips. The lush tropical garden with lotus pond, the infinity swimming pools with bale and the inspiring stone work gracing the premises, make the outdoors a wonderful playground for childrens and a serene ground for all. The view of the horizon with friendly Indonesians working in the rice fields wearing traditional bamboo hats, the view of the rhythmic waves of the ocean and the view of the sun until its hides underneath the ocean makes the place even more serener,while the free reign of comfy  furniture everywhere, makes the place the serenest.

Seminyak Villa 308 Bali Pavilion Bedroom   Seminyak Villa 308 Bali Pavilion Living Area

After a busy day exploring Seminyak or the villa, it’s time for some “tongue-tainment” ( short for tongue entertainment). The villa maintains an organic garden of fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers to add the extra-vivid tinge of color to the curries  and the extra yard long reach of the aromas. Gourmet recipes with fresh homemade sauces and eye catching food decorations are eagerly served by the  two in-house chefs experts in Asian, Western and Local Cuisines. You also have the option to self-cater and try some of your own favorites, experimenting with the traditional ingredients of Indonesia.

The evening in Bungadesa can be compared to the endings of romantic movies –  view of couples holding hands walking into the horizon as the sun sets, shimmering waves, retreating boats and pairs of birds singing back home. Walk leisurely to the private beach across the bamboo bridge to catch the moment of perfect twilight as the sun hides away into the ocean horizon, making way for the calming moon. The seclusion of the beach helps to free the mind and allows you to have naughty adventures with your loved ones. Dive in to the arms of the alluring waves with your partner washing away the thoughts of being watched. The villa team can also organize an experience from multitude of sea adventures from horse riding to para gliding to a romantic candle lit dinner at the beach. As the  moon rays become brighter, so also the glittering colors of a Seminyak night. The unique position and style of the villa makes the place a rejuvenating recluse and at the same time, only minutes away from shopping hubs, expert masseuses rub and luxury clubs.

Seminyak Villa 308 Ocean view from Timor Pavilion

Bungadesa is and always will be a pleasant surprise for all our guests as they experience the indigenous village beauty of Indonesia only minutes away from the urban town. The sights of beach, garden, rice paddy, lotus ponds and thatched roofs amidst the likes of huge shopping complexes, bigs clubs, towering buildings and busy streets with luxury cars is a pleasing change. As you might have guessed, the villa is the perfect enclave for a retreat from the busyness and also serves as a wonderful location for a wedding followed by honeymoon extensions. With very good ground knowledge and contacts with top event companies, the villa team can organize a lavish and unique wedding. The villa is well protected from outside eyes by three security staffs on duty 24 / 7. With a total of eight staff to warm your heart with a sincere treat and a luxury property for a perfect retreat,  Villa getaways welcomes you and your loved ones to Bungadesa to script unique memories with your family.

The lovely images of the estate speaks more about Bungadesa.

Check out the awesome video which describes why this Seminyak Villa 308 is a pleasant surprise for all our prestigious guests.


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