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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Villas over Hotels for your Next Luxury Holiday

For a perceptive traveler the choice of villa or hotel rests on personal preferences and style, and may be easy. Nevertheless, for rest of us, who do not know the difference between villas & hotels, any choice can completely change the holiday experience. Although, in the luxury segment, the villas and the five star resorts seem to overlap, there are a lot of differences and lot of favorable reasons for choosing villas for your next holiday.

The villa industry has evolved a lot in recent years. Villas with chefs,

spa and dedicated butlers are some of the common features in most places particularly in Australasian holidays. Kris, executive sales director of Villa Getaways shares, “When we started Villa Getaways, we found out that most of guests were unaware of facilities and benefits villas had to offer…but after they first experience a luxury villa getaway, we got a lot of repeat holidays and references from our guests”.

Koh Samui Villa 483 Private salt water swimming pool

We thought it was important for readers to know more about villas and hence this blog article. In this edition of our blog, we compile guest feedback, experiences from the sales team and a summary from client experience managers to list down the reasons of why a villa getaway can be better than a hotel getaway.

The Practical Essentials:

The Location.. The View.. & The Price..

Most of our villas are perched on absolute beachfront, or amidst forests or on cliff edge locations. Even though hotels do boast scenic locations, the busyness of the hotel can dampen the pleasant views and atmosphere.  Moreover, villas are able to secure more exclusive cliff edge or beachfront locations.

Phuket Villa 423 Overlooking the Kamala bay and Andaman sea

Small islands of Indonesia, bays and mountain edges have just the right size for a luxurious private villa with all the views, exclusive to the villa guests.

Bali Private Islands Villa 3363

Villas offers more space per dollar you pay. In other words, villas outweigh even the best five-star hotels when it comes to size of the area and freedom of space it offers to the family. Although most five star hotels offer spacious suites or private residences still the average size of the villas are far more than hotel counterparts.

Canggu Villa 303 - Expansive Garden Space

Some of our villas have more than 12 hectares of land with private beach access, grand living rooms and well-architected outdoor pavilions, pool and lawn only to the family to enjoy.

Koh Samui Villa 4356 The Suite Bedroom

Koh Samui Villa 4356 Suite Living Room  Koh Samui Villa 4356 Spacious Living Room

Privacy Seekers

Five star Hotels present options for private suites; it is hard to dodge attention. A lot of our guests are diplomats or quite famous in their own fields, and hence when it comes to holidays they want to travel incognito.

Uluwatu Villa 3317 on mountain edge with views

They often shun public eyes, travel with their own entourage and thus prefer villas with solitude. Some of our high-end grand villas have private beach, certified butler services and high security with 24 hours surveillance. Some still do not have GPS positioning even on Google maps just to allow the freedom of being you.


Ubud Villla 3326  Pool And Gorge

Furthermore, places far away from any stranger eyes, fenced boundaries, private pools and a sense of homeliness allows freedom for expression.

Ubud Villa 3283 Hilly location of the Villa

Personalized Delicious Cuisines

Although trying out food in different hotels has its own fun and enjoyment, if you are on a long holiday, usually after few days you crave homemade food. If you have some food allergies such as gluten or dairy intolerance or if you are vegetarian, then it can be hard to find satisfying food in the hotels.

Dining in a Canggu Villa 3235

Even though you might find some specialty cuisines, it can be hard to guarantee that its 100% free of the allergens, since it is very hard to check the hygiene and policies of the kitchen. In villa, you have the luxury of choosing your own menus and ensure food is served in your own way. Cooking children’s meals at early hours or serving food frequently is easy in a villa.

Specialty cuisines prepared by expert chefs in a villa 3393

Kids Home Away from Home

Most of our villas features dedicated entertainment rooms with big TV Screens, Play stations and other kids accessories. Stepped swimming pool with availability of pool fence, big lawns, tennis courts and specialty kids bedroom in some of our villas gives kids freedom of space and spoilt for entertainment choices.

Koh Samui Villa 4105 Kids Playground

Koh Samui Villa 4105 Kids playarea  Villa 4431 - Kids play ground - Trampoline

Moreover, cooking up kid’s favorite French fries or any of their menus are something chefs and villa staff can easily do anytime.  Availability of baby sitter, kids travel equipment and other kid’s accessories in villas allow comfort for travelling parents.

After Holiday Experience

No matter how much we enjoy in a holiday, no one look forwards to cleaning the clothes on return and folding it back into the drawer. Hotel laundry service can be expensive and with service taxes added can be an unwanted expense. However, if you are in a villa, then washing machine and dryer are at your service.  In our Asian villas, the staff can happily clean and happily organize your luggage with fresh and folded clothes and may be even make some room to tuck in your newly shopped boutique clothes – and all free!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

True to the quote, popularized in US promoting unity and community, the villa really reigns over hotels when it comes to serving big families or group of friends travelling together.  Many of our guests make acknowledgement of becoming closer with their family or friends after a villa stay while on a holiday.

Here are some practical benefits –

Chill Out With Friends & Family

The luxury of feeling at home, choosing your own timing, going out together, cooking together on barbecue or  spending time swimming or lounging on the pool deck with your own group is priceless. No paparazzi, no guilty feeling of occupying sun beds for too long, no discomfort of hearing strangers loud music by the pool, you have your home, away from home.

Seminyak Villa 3506 - a luxurious nature escape to your family

Jimbaran Villa 376 Chef serving at Garden BBQ  Seminyak Villa 3184 Dining cum living space

Some of villas have tennis courts, snooker tables, cinema rooms and drink bars, where guests can just hang out together. While a laid-back environment with plenty of outdoor living space allows guests to relax.

Wedding & Private Parties

Renowned Five star hotels can make for very good wedding venues, but it is very difficult to book the entire hotel or to reach the level of personalization and privacy a villa can offer. You do not have to cordon off a hotel entrance for your party and neither have some confused hotel guests into your party, the villa is completely yours for your entire stay.

Villa 3373 Grounds - The entire villa is for the luxury parties

Wedding arrangements - Dining in villa grounds Wedding arrangements - Sitting for Guests Wedding arrangements - Floral decorations

Some of our best villas have expert villa managers and favorable relations with the best wedding planners, where you have the privilege of weaving your dream wedding into reality. Guests also have the freedom to bring their own food, drinks and other services into their wedding theme.

Uluwatu Villa 3101 Wedding 2

Uluwatu Villa 3101 Romantic paradise  Uluwatu Villa 3101  Wedding area

When it comes to parties, the villa manager can organize for surprise parties, hire private chefs or arrange for local performances only for your family. Guests can also save extra costs and give their personal touch into each phase of their event planning,  from purchasing ingredients, to choosing event planners to execute  their special events.

Luxury Etcetera

Some of the best luxury villas are actually holiday homes of the rich and the passionate. Here are some of the features you can expect in the villas.

Elegant design and homely comfort

Mostly, owners guide the design of the villas and themselves stay in the villa; hence, villas are usually more lavish, grand and at the same time exude a homely feel.  Antique and reclaimed wood furniture, elegant interiors with collectible paintings, tropical gardens with day beds, balconies facing the beach and the setting sun, spacious bathrooms with baths overlooking nature are some of the common features.  The owners usually use the service of staff, facilities and comfort features of the villa, hence when its available for rent you can expect the same high quality of service and sense of loyalty from the staff.

Private Gardens, Fully equipped kitchen with oven and barbecue, big bathrooms and cinema rooms are some features hard to match, even from some of best five star hotels.

In addition, even though villas do not have as many staff as in hotels, the staff to guest ratio for a villa will be much higher than staff to guest ration in a hotel. In other words, you have more staff looking after you and giving you attention as compared to hotels.

Koh Samui Villa 4105 Concierge service

Make Your Own Rules

The guests in the villa set the timing of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of our guests come through a late flight and we have instances of guests being served dinner by our smiling staff members at 1.00 am at night! Some guests usually get tired of eating out in restaurants and prefer homemade food by the chef. In fact, some guests even make their own local breakfast or lunch for a change. “I just loved to laze around at the pool deck in my pajama and enjoyed my breakfast of toast and peanut butter”, said one of guests at Phuket Villa 428.

Guests can also enjoy local culture in the comfort of their villa – easily organized by the villa manager. The in villa services also include cooking classes, local art or handicraft classes, masseuses,  beauty therapies and most of what the guest desires.

Koh Samui Villa 4124 Cook book  Couple cooking together

Some of our villas have dedicated spa rooms where guests can be pampered by the expert certified therapist or if you want to experience private spas, villa staff can book you in the spas with exclusive benefits.

Koh Samui Villa 4105 In villa spa treatment 1

The Edge Villa - Uluwatu Villa 3304 Spa area  The Edge - Uluwatu Villa 3304 Spa

Bespoke Experience & Closer Relationships

Very nicely summed up by one of our guest to Uluwatu Villa 302, “We valued the time and relationship with the manager, rather than just being a guest in a large hotel”. Villa gives the guests a closer experience with people, culture and lifestyle of the locality. With the assistance of the villa manager, guests have the choice for local immersions through organized tours to local villages, temples, markets and different community programs. Learning Batik painting in Phuket, or witnessing the making of handmade jewelry in Bali’s village Mambal – there is plenty to discover and cherish.

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in”, one of famous quotes, rightly suits the villa lifestyle.  In some of our best villas, the guests have the freedom of choosing what, when and where to eat, and happily see it executed effortlessly with warm service. For instance, Uluwatu Villa 3317 offers a bespoke culinary journey, as the chef personally discusses with guests their preferences and gourmet desires.

Exclusive Villa 3317 in Uluwatu, Bali, Luxury Villa Rentals Villa Getaways 60

The villa manager or concierge service gives time to discuss complete travel plans, town’s best attractions, your luxury travel itinerary and everything else to make sure guests have quintessential taste of the destination.

As one of the luxury rentals specialist, Villa Getaways hope that the information above is useful and our client experience managers look forward to offering a memorable villa getaway!

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