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9 Reasons Why a Private Villa is Safer Than a Big Hotel

Safe and secure villas with Villa Getaways

Travelling to foreign countries comes with a large amount of excitement, intrigue, adventure, learning experiences and – unfortunately – risk.

The world can be a crazy place and if you’re visiting countries whereby the standard of living isn’t the same as “at home”, you may experience some potential travel hazards.

Staying in a hotel can be fraught with perils, including theft, food poisoning or simply the accommodation not meeting your expectations.

Booking your own private luxury villa in Bali or Phuket comes with a large list of benefits. There are safety concerns that can be drastically reduced by staying in any one of our high end Villas which has its own private staff and security.

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Here are 9 reasons to book a premium luxury villa from Villa Getaways for the ultimate safe and secure luxury experience.

1: Villas Are Safe Zones: The exclusive villas on offer throughout Bali and Thailand are considered Safe Zones, with staff that has been vetted and trained to maintain paramount security.

2. Trusted Staff: Many luxury villas in the Villa Getaways portfolio are staffed by trusted teams of onsite gardeners, chefs and maids – who value their jobs and wouldn’t jeopardise them for the sake of stealing any items from guests.

3. Your Belongings Are Safe: Tourists can go on day trips and not have to worry about leaving behind their belongings in the villa compound. Every villa has a number of security safes fitted in the rooms to safeguard precious belongings.

4. Standard of Hygiene: A private chef means locally sourced produce is checked for sanitation, while hygiene standards are higher and much easier to manage in a small intimate kitchen. Guests at large hotels, containing hundreds of staff and guests, are exposed to more bacteria in food, the risk of airborne germs and illnesses.

5. Feel Safe With 24/7 Security: Onsite guards posted at the entry and exit points, who perform frequent security checks around the property day and night. This deters outsiders from entering the grounds or property itself.  Some private villas in Phuket are located in gated communities, whereby you are safeguarded by limited access points that are monitored 24/7 by security.

6. Your Own Driver: You can enjoy your own private chauffeur. With your own driver, you’re in less danger of being ripped off by opportunistic taxi drivers, who take you the ‘long’ way to your destination or overcharge you.

7. Open Communication is Welcomed: Having your own security onsite means that if you are involved in a dangerous altercation outside the grounds, you can contact the villa management to translate on your behalf. They can help you through negotiations with local police and other authorities.

8. Ultimate Privacy: Lying by your own private beach or pool, you won’t be hassled by street hawkers and beach sellers trying to make a quick buck.

9. We’re Here To Help: The threat to your holiday enjoyment is limited as you are surrounded by familiar faces who take your safety very seriously.

At VillaGetaways your comfort and security at our premium villas is of upmost importance. If you have any questions about the above, or simply want to be reassured you’re in safe hands, simply connect with anyone of our team at enquiries@VillaGetaways.com with subject heading ‘SAFETY’.

After 15 years in the trade, we have great relationships with our villa owners and staff, while personally inspecting villas for security features.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Words by Jennifer McCarthy @ JM Online Copywriting

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