5 Reasons to book a Group Getaway with Villa Getaways

Imagine, sunshine soaked afternoons by the pool in a luxury villa, at an exotic location with a group of your best friends.

Vampped in Phuket with Villa Getaways

This dream could be a reality when you think about the many benefits to traveling in numbers.

Vampped in Phuket with Villa Getaways

Vampped (LA Models) show us exactly how much fun a group getaway can be HERE.

Vampped in Phuket with Villa Getaways

Here are 5 reasons why organising your next group getaway with us is a grand idea.

1. COST EFFECTIVE ~ Luxury life can be sharp on the wallet, but when expenses are shared, a luxury villa escape can be surprisingly affordable.

2. EXCITING EXCURSIONS ~ Book a private van and driver for the day and get out to explore the very best local attractions. More friends means you can take advantage of group discounts.

3. VILLA FACILITIES ~ Most of our Luxury villas have comprehensive games rooms, and Infinity pools – Explore the grounds and play while never having to leave the property.

4. DINNER PARTIES ~ Engage our private chef’s for a night of glamour and indulgence with cocktails, canapés and dinner under an Asian sunset followed by sparkling night sky. Choose the menu and design a function your way.

5. MORE FUN ~ A holiday with your family or spouse is lovely, but when travel happens with a group of your best friends, it could just turn into the experience of a life time.

Travel with friends and experience more, for less.

Vampped in Phuket with Villa Getaways

Renting a villa is the ultimate private vacation experience.  We at Villa Getaways have over 15 years experience and strive to find the perfect villa to suit any occasion.

So go on, rally a group and talk to us about how we can help you create an unforgettable group experience.

To book; contact us at sales@VillaGetaways.com
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Images by Vampped.com

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