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5 useful tips for booking an affordable luxury villa vacation

‘Affordable Luxury’ is in demand. A term which was once deemed a sarcastic analogy, is now a buzz word in the luxury villa market. Luxurious living has always involved larger spaces and the provision of exclusive features such as personal service, technical mod-cons, desirable amenities, infinity pools, stunning art and stylish furnishings.

However, those who enjoy the finer things in life are now enjoying luxury for less.  We here at Villa Getaways Luxury Villa Rentals can show you how to have the holiday of your dreams without breaking the bank.

We’ve hand selected a collection of excellent villas for you. They all exhibit everything you would expect from a top-shelf luxury experience, but what they do lack is the price tag.

Of course you might not find these properties in the most exclusive locations, but they still possess all of the amenities you would expect in a 5 star villa.

How to choose your next affordable luxury villa vacation;  

  • Forget Location, location, location; Choosing villas which are slightly off the beaten track is a smart idea when wanting to save money. Very often, you can find a charming villa in a beautiful and interesting location, where you can experience the real culture and personality of a region as opposed to hitting the more well-know tourist spots, which have high occupancy rates and therefore cost more.
  • Share a villa with your friends or family! Gather a group of friends or your extended family and share the bill.  You’ll be surprised how affordable some of our top end villas become when you share the cost.
  • Travel Off Season;  In Bali, the rainy season is from October through to March, and in Thailand the low season from from May to August. When traveling during these times, the weather may be variable, but you will be guaranteed lower prices with low season rates, and you will also enjoy lower air-travel costs!
  • Your Agent knows best!  Vill Getaways Agents know their areas like the back of their hands, and can provide you with all that you need to know to create the ultimate getaway at a reasonable cost. Ask and you shall receive!
  • Take a DIY approach; All villas come with the option of being fully serviced with everything you could imagine to make your stay an unforgettable one. Services include; maid service, personal chef, drivers and concierge, but you can enjoy significant savings by taking the stripped down option of basic maid service, renting your own car, doing your own shopping and self catering.





1/ Bali, Seminyak Villa 3105



3 bedroom

Low: US$420 + Tax

High: US470 + Tax

Peak season: US$570 + Tax

Includes daily breakfast, butler, maid service, WIFI Internet and 1 return airport transfer. Chef – available on request.

2/ Bali, Sanur Villa 3527

3527 Sanur


3 bedroom

Low: US$430 + tax

High: US$515 + tax

Peak: US$595 + tax

Includes; chef, butler, maid service, WIFI Internet and 1 return airport transfer.

3/ Bali, Canggu Villa 3624



6 bedroom

Low: US$700 + tax

High: US820 + tax

Peak: US$1,050 + tax

Includes; chef, butler, maid service, WIFI Internet and 1 return airport transfer.

Koh Samui, Chaweng Villa 4509

4509 Chaweng


6 bedrooms

low: US$700 + tax

High: $1500 + tax

Includes; chef, maid service, WIFI and 1 return airport transfer.

4/ Koh Samui, Laem Set Villa 413

      413 Laem Set


 8 bedrooms

Low: US$1050 +tax

High: US$2650 +tax

Includes; Concierge, maid  service, chef

5/ Phuket, Bang Tao Villa 4196 

4196 Bang Tao


4 bedrooms

Low: US$600 + tax

High: USD$875 + tax

Peak: USD$1,350 + tax

Includes; Daily maid service, 1 return airport transfer 

6/ Phuket, Surin Villa 4273 

4273 Surin v2


4 Bedrooms

Low: US$595 + tax

High: US$750 + tax

Peak: US$ 1,275 +tax

Includes; maid service and 1 return airport transfer

7/ Phuket, Patong Villa 428

428 patong


5 Bedrooms

Low: US$90o + tax

High: US$1,400 +tax

Peak: US$2,200 +tax

Includes; Daily breakfast, maid service, chef, welcome package and 1 return airport transfer

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