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Escape to a Luxury Holiday in Seychelles Island

Seychelles is one of the few islands where you can escape the hurry and haste of a busy life. A place to witness graceful nature and effortless seclusion ornamented with tilt coconut groves, turquoise water, soft white sands and golden sunsets- A perfect island retreat.

Seychelles attracts over a million of tourists, who flock the island to be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes and unfeigned natural attractions. If the ideas for your ideal holiday include – a place to immerse in peaceful luxury, a sparsely populated private seascape or

just an oasis to revive the connection with nature – then share an update on your social network “Booking for Seychelles”.

The largest island of Seychelles – Mahe is the most popular destination famous for its colorful sights of bluish ocean, azure sky, milky white sand, greenish coconut refuges, browny eerie creeks and more. It is also home to luxury restaurants, scenic golf courses, beautiful art galleries and the specialty -unique tropical adventures. There is a plethora of holiday accommodations hosted by numerous holiday rental company, sprawled across Mahe, ideal for every tourist from backpackers to luxury escapers. Villa Getaways is one of the top players playing host to many luxury holiday accommodations in Mahe and other popular locations in Seychelles. One of our special holiday rentals is Seychelles Villa 108, which is snuggled within the turquoise waters of the ocean and intimate lush green settings of Mahe.

The Villa property is perfectly poised for witnessing soothing bluish seascapes, white frolic beaches, curtilage of green woodlands, shady refuge of vertical rocks, colorful tropical garden and last but the not the least-  a luxurious cottage made up by nature.

Villa 108 stands sublimely on the south point of the island being kissed by the shores of the Indian Ocean. It enjoys easy connectivity from all well-known locations of Seychelles. It takes maximum 30 minutes from Mahe International Airport in our deluxe pickup cars to grace your presence in the lap of this nature villa.

The Villa 108 graces Cottage style architecture, with an open setting allowing the fresh air to touch each corner of the rooms. The thatched roofs, Bamboo Furnitures, carefully laid bulky rocks, fragrant garden and the natural backdrops immediately detoxify your mind and lift your tired spirits. The fresh ambiance is perfected by the charming addition of – a private emerald Swimming Pool and a wooden Gazebo, which commands stunning views of the Anse Takamaka beach. The Wooden Deck circling the pool is an area of blissful contentment – lounge in the sun with a favorite tropical juice or have a great view of nature’s magic  with soothing sights of calm-but-naughty waves, multicolored coral reefs, waving trees and different colors of the dazzling sun as it smiles all the way from dawn to dusk.  The gazebo besides the pool is the perfect activity for inactivity. The ocean-scented breeze gently swings the hammock inviting you to take a rest and the melodious bird songs from the gardens droops your eyelid for a well-deserved break.

The Villa amenities outscore any typical holiday homes in Simplicity and Luxury.  Eco-friendly Indigenous Furnitures and native commodities decorate the spacious villa interiors while carefully retaining – natural ethnic luxury. From chocolaty concrete floors to slanted ceilings, from chiselled doors to wooden windows, from handcrafted furnitures to bamboo luminaires from African fabrics to traditional antiques – each of them gives a sneak peek into African culture and History. The Villa maintains an eco-friendly minimalist design, with most furniture made out of bamboo or carved from whole trunks. You will be surprised to experience all the furnitures – even though handmade out of raw woods are – perfectly ergonomic and perfectly harmonious for the body, which even the most sophisticated furnitures will envy.

The Villa features four AC double bedrooms with en suites, a large living room with dining, a dressing room and a fully equipped kitchen and airy verandahs. The big door of the villa opens up the bedrooms, which are highlighted by the handmade bamboo beds endorsed by uncomplicated bed stands with classical wooden luminaires decorated by coconut fibers. Raise the shutter of the windows to allow the melodies of nature into your bedroom. The soft rumble of the waves mixed with the low chirps of the garden crickets and the occasional flutter of the birds gives a feeling – as if you are sleeping in nature’s lap with the comfort of the cozy bed. Wake up in the morning to open the doors, to be wished “Good Morning” by the  sights of faded sun rays, the bluish waves, rare birds flying in triangles,  gentle breezes carrying the fragrance of fresh flowers  and playful butterflies displaying their colors. Sip in an organic decaf and refill your energy through our complimentary breakfast of fresh tropical fruits and local recipes served by your personal Chef. Wash off your sleep cramps through the select collections of tropical flower oils, in the bathtub with the refreshing window view of the assortment of colorful flowers in the green gardens.

The spacious living room boasts a foldable architecture. The living room can be folded to separate verandah, dining and entertainment room for more privacy and diversity. The entertainment room is perfect for kids and some playfulness. Kids will love to mess up the comfy bed, recline their body on a bunch of cushions and be hooked to the Nintendo Wii games on the TV. Sip in some juice and munch on some Moroccan potato snacks in the cushioned bed or give a nap to your tired body comforted by the light breeze of the sea and warm sun rays through the window blinds.

The living room verandah showcases wonderful handcrafted furniture of full-length sofas, relaxing chaise and hand crafted tea tables and hosts a spectacular view of the beach. It is a perfect space for a mini party for your friends and family or to catch the romantic evening with azure view of the beach along with your partner. The adjoining wooden dining room features a themed dining table with matching handmade plates, baskets and cutleries. It can easily host a family feast of local cuisines cooked up by the personal chef or for some experimental menus prepared by your family in the fully equipped modern kitchen.


The Villa is ideally located on the slopes of the unspoiled beaches of the Indian Ocean. A Perfect spot to soak in the sun and to nourish your tired body with the cool breezes or to enjoy in the gently breaking waves – swimming, ducking and playing water sports with your friends. The neat beaches and the smooth climate also make it perfect for curious beach hobbies for everyone, trace out the rare green turtles unique to Mahe beaches, give some swimming lessons to your kids or collect the glimmering sea shells sprinkled on the white beach.

There are collections of world famous beaches and restaurants in proximity to this Villa. See the time fly away easily as you explore the beautiful beaches. Stroll on a nature walk to the Anse Takamaka beach which is only 600 meters away, walk into the Blue Lagoon beach best known for water sports and recreational activities, Anse Soleil Beach for some snorkeling and finally catch some vibrant yet awesome hues of nature visit in the Anse Intendance beach. Complete your day-out by exploring collections of popular multi-cuisine restaurants nearby with recipes ranging from local Creole, Moroccan, Italian, international and more, or walk-in to hotel clubs with facilities for food, indoor and outdoor entertainments.

The Villa is a subtle zone for a luxurious yet convenient holiday with friendly service from the onsite Villa manager fluent in English and French. The maid is also available to take care of every need and grounds keeper keeps the landscape spotlessly clean. The Villa 108 exemplifies the idea of experiencing luxury in a native ambiance. The villa provides the well-heeled traveler with the utmost privacy, relaxation and simplicity. Promised to meet all your luxury expectations, your Seychelles holiday experience awaits you.

Let the images speak more about the Villa 108 in Mahe, Seychelles……

Check out the fabulous video featuring our Luxury Holiday Villas in Seychelles Island


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