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Enjoy a Luxurious Sydney Holiday in Serene Whale Beach Villa

Amongst a number of private Luxury Homes and Villas in Whale Beach, the Villa 548 have received many compliments for catering every needs for a private and luxurious holiday – complete freedom, impressive ocean views, refined ambiance and the desired comfort & entertainment. Only an hour’s drive from Sydney CBD, the Whale Beach is one of the favorite locations for a seaside escape. Experience the true pleasure of a relaxing holiday while staying in a luxury accommodation near Whale beach.This villa 548 embodies privacy & harmony thus promising a carefree family holiday in a cozy location.
With Beaches, entertainment facilities nearby and beautiful panoramic views, the Villa 548 prides itself as luxurious property for a fabulous stay near whale beach.

Sydney Nth Beach Villa 548 is a superb residence built over the Palm Beach, which enjoys the gorgeous views of the golden sands of Whale beach and the green headlands jutting into the blue sea. The idyllic climate and hillocky villa location promise a luxurious private family holiday. The un-crowded beaches with chic cafes, multi-cuisine restaurants and entertainment centers coupled with the luxurious comforts of the Villa, is an oasis for guests who are craving for seclusion, tranquility and an escape from city life. Fill your days with subtle smiles. Spend time with Family and Kids. Feed your eyes with awesome sights. Greet the day after a peaceful sleep, truly relax and enjoy yourself in this private abode.


The first sight of the villa gives a feel of contemporary Mediterranean luxury. The organized shrub plantations and the homely green setting warmly receive you through the driveway. The plush rooms and the beautiful sea view through all the rooms provide a soothing cool-off as you step inside the villa. Each part of the 2-storeyed villa is a labor of thoughtful design laden with ample glass finishes, imported hardwood furniture and latest amenities from private home theater to fully equipped modern kitchen.


The villa comfortably accommodates up to 8 guests with 4 double bedrooms of different sizes. You can witness the crimson dawn seeping in through the glass walls and seagulls singing on your balcony every day to soothe your rest, from all the bedrooms. The airy balconies provide a  multi-hued vista for the eyes tired with views of buildings and traffic while, the fresh breeze from the sea filtered through the fig trees replaces away the city smokes in the lungs. Swim leisurely for a light workout in the mosaic tiled private pool or soak in the balmy sunrays laying down on the lounge chairs – a perfect start to a sunny holiday.

The lower floor features spacious entertaining area for kids and family events to etch series of memories. Play humorous charades with kids, crack up in some old memories or give lessons on trick shots to your kids at the pool table. Kids can start their own games in the spacious entertaining area. See the little ones romping on the flat grounds, playing hide and seek with each other making you the alibi.


The villa has something for everyone – The living room enriches a feeling of luxury with the full length Sofas and TV instituted in a whitish finish of walls and ceilings circled by top-to-bottom glass doors. Coordinated interiors and muted tones underline the focus on relaxing. The cozy furniture made out of PNG timbers adds elegance to the whole ambience and amenities of the villa. The splashing sound of the waves and the fresh breezes makes a mellowed ambiance for experiments as you try some organic curries in the fully-equipped kitchen or a delicious dining filled with special time with your family and friends.

The villa also hosts views of beautiful sunsets as the evening shadows fall and the stars begin to shine. The telescopes in the balcony provide meticulous views of the retreating azure dusk and the azure horizon. Catch the moon display and its darkish mole or identify the patterns of the brilliant stars of the mysterious sky. Let the kids jump in joy while seeing the celestial surprises and flood you with innocent questions and conclusions.

Check out the images to experience more about the villa & its surroundings.

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