Sun, Sand and Solace: Luxury Private Getaway on Kamala Bay, Phuket

The perfect vista of sun, ocean and the infinity pool, the finest of delicacies, personalized butler service, five star facilities and sublime beachfront abode – this is the summary of villa 423. Designed ecologically and opulently by the architects of premium five star hotels, Phuket Villa 423 gives a closest experience of nature in style.

Tucked artistically on the rocky edge of the peninsula without disturbing the nature’s formation, this beachfront mansion is perfect for grandeur living with the backdrop of most dramatic nature shots of Kamala bay and Andaman Sea. One of the most elegant villas on affluent “millionaire mile”, this mansion offers secluded luxury to many celebrities and executives.

Phuket Villa 423 Completely paparazzi proof

Privacy and peace comes uninhibited in the luxury abode where many VIP clients have stayed incognito. 24 hours security with electronic surveillance makes this villa completely paparazzi proof. The villa extends to over 5000 square metres offering abundance of space with guests having exclusive access to two private beaches, accessible only through the villa. Every corner offers the best soothing and romantic views of the sun, the beach and beyond.

Phuket Villa 423 Designed ecologically and opulently

Apart from picture perfect views, this luxurious six bedroom five star villa can pamper 12 guests with ease. Well-manicured lawn, spacious courtyards, stylish traditional pavilions and reclusive beachfront location presents a nice space and ambiance for a perfect beach holiday with family and friends. The infinity pool blending with the extended ocean horizon and the relaxing platforms on the boulders of the beach takes you further into nature’s embrace. “Its location on the rock point at the end of the peninsula adds tranquility making you feel one with nature”, says one of the guests who frequently stays in the villa with whole family.

Phuket Villa 423 Infinity pool and view of sea

The villa is centrally air-conditioned and boasts spacious lounge and bedrooms. Architects of Aman group of hotels sketched this house on the edge of the stony peninsula in five years of careful eco-construction. The décor is naturally elegant and furnishings are simply superb. The owner of the property, Eric Smulders, is an avid collector of antique jewelry and treasures. He has his own antique gallery showroom and you can easily gauge the essence and quality of the interiors as you enter the reclaimed 18th century Chinese doors.

Phuket Villa 423 Beautiful antique statues

Nicely carved designs on stonewalls, beautiful antique statues, tropical foliage and small ponds creates a welcoming ambiance. Traditional yet stylish Thai architectural finish beautifies the entire property while high ceilings with polished wooden gabled roofs give a lofty feel.

Phuket Villa 423 Dining & Sitting with polished wooden gabled roofs

Expert spatial arrangement of collectible furniture, themed canvas works of famous painters and complimenting statuettes defines design of highest standards.

Phuket Villa 423 Luxurious  Bedroom with views of nature

All the bedrooms afford beautiful views of nature and are categorized into suites and double bedrooms with bedrooms featuring double sunken baths, big wardrobes, balconies and more.

Phuket Villa 423 Stool to relax and enjoy views   Phuket Villa 423 Balconies overlooking the andaman sea

Three bedrooms are expansively constructed in individual 72 square meter pavilions with en suite bathrooms and exhibits collection of Duong Viet Nam’s paintings, a renowned painter from Vietnam.

Phuket Villa 423 Luxurious Bedroom 2

Working closely with the architects, the Smulders have made sure all finer details of designs, layout and décor of room signs off in giving a truly luxury experience. All the electrical outlets are concealed in drawers while the headboard multi-functionally tucks in all the power controls, double up as granite work desks and at the same time hides in mini refrigerator and safe.

Phuket Villa 423 Luxury Bedroom   Phuket Villa 423 Luxury Bedroom 2

The owner, Eric has great time with his grandchildren who sometimes come to this villa and hence you will find glimpses of child-friendly features in the villa, making it ideal for families particularly with small children. Since the villa is on the rock point of the peninsula, optional net barricades for the risky spots and stairs ensures child safety. Apart from the deluxe facilities in the villa expect homely care and attentive service of a practical nature.

Phuket Villa 423 Overlooking the Kamala bay and Andaman sea

Stylish flower vases, tropical plants and rich furniture beautifully decorate the villa and interestingly afford a good space for kids to play hide and seek. The two beaches also provide ample space for kids to build their own sand villa or have fun times following the shore inhabitants like crabs with curiosity. Caring and experienced nannies and all essential baby furniture and even baby car seat are available to make sure children feels pampered too! Speaking more contemporarily, the villa also features a dedicated cinema room with cover-up TV screen, gaming consoles, cartoons and animated documentaries – the ultimate glue to keep them happily engaged.

Phuket Villa 423 Dedicated Cinema room

Four full time staff eagerly look after all the guest’s needs within the villa. The staff are specially trained to give personalized service and specifically for proper maintenance of the antique elements and the whole property. Depending upon number of guests and occasions, more staff are easily available for uninhibited personalized service.

Phuket Villa 423 Dining

Fully equipped European design kitchen and availability of western food and ingredients allows for a pleasant dining and cooking experience. Feel free to ask for cooking classes or to be a Thai chef for a day. The chef speaks fluent English and is well versed in authentic Thai and western cuisines. Guests have acknowledged the chefs creativity in providing fresh and new dining options for every meal and every day! If you want more cuisine options, no problem – the villa is neighbor to some of Phuket’s best restaurants.

Phuket Villa 423 Dining & Sitting room with wide screen TV

The villa is enjoyably feature-rich. Along with dedicated cinema room, the villa also maintains fully equipped gymnasium complete with weight and aerobic workout machines. Aesthetic Sauna and Steam room allows you to detoxify your outside while a dip in the infinity pool with 275-degree sweeping view of ocean panorama detoxifies your inside.

Phuket Villa 423 Infinity pool 6

The beautiful pavilions alongside the infinity pool with marvelous sunset views and soothing breeze serves as perfect place for trained masseuses to give a nurturing massage experience. Just allow your whole body and senses to be indulged in nature’s lap assisted by luxury and the solace of villa 423.

Phuket Villa 423 - A ultra luxury beachfront mansion

The vantage location of villa 423 allows you closeness to the best nature vistas and yet minutes away from multi-array of family activities, adventures and top attractions of Phuket. Golf courses, best restaurants, boutique jewelry and deluxe spas are in minutes reach and even more convenient when driven around by your private chauffeur. The villa dons all luxury facilities and conveniences beyond five stars and interweaves it with bespoke services to serve as the perfect getaway for celebrities, families and the solitude-seekers. Villa 423 promises to make your luxury holiday experience a quintessential blend of nature, hospitality and privacy.

Check out the beautiful video of this stunning villa that refines paradise with a taste of elegance.

The Highlights of this Luxury Villa in Phuket are :

  • Luxurious beachfront six bedroom five star villa for 12 guests.
  • All luxurious bedrooms with satellite TV.
  • Property is centrally air-conditioned and boasts spacious lounge and bedrooms.
  • Long infinity pool, maid service, personalized butler service for guest’s ultimate convenience.
  • Facilitated by experienced nannies and essential baby furniture to make the villa children friendly.
  • European design kitchen and availability of western food plus facility for in-house cooking classes.
  • Dedicated cinema room with cover-up TV screen, gaming consoles, cartoons and animated documentaries.
  • Computer with WiFi internet.
  • Four full time staff eagerly look after all the guest’s needs in the villa.
  • The  private chauffeur can drive you to the best hotels & golf courses (Banyan Tree at 15 minutes), boutique jewelry and deluxe spas driven.
  • Fully equipped gymnasium complete with weight and aerobic workout machines.
  • 17 meter Riviera super-fast fishing and diving yacht and lots more.

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