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Exploring Bali – Paradise on Earth

About Bali

It’s easy to fall in love with Bali also known as the “Islands of the Gods”. Bali is famous for its heavenly beaches with magnificent landscapes and heart warming culture. When you spend time here it is easy to discover why people are touched by this holistic land which is full of natural splendor, pleasant climate, friendly people, and a variety of things to do. The Balinese island retreat will thrill any traveler, from its green paddy fields to turquoise waters & colorful festivities.

At every turn, you will find something unique raising your curiosity to explore Bali more. Besides natural attractions, you will easily spot Temples, Artistic Museums, Religious processions and People full of mirth and kind. You will be tempted to immerse into the beauty of the wonderful beaches or bumpy waves will encourage you to plunge into some sports like snorkeling, rafting, diving, surfing. Or else savor the enchanting rituals give yourself a ritualistic touch by participating in the grand religious processions or visit the museums to witness untouched art and culture of Bali truly reflecting the dignified beauty & history. This small yet attractive island promises an unforgettable trip which can surprise you in many ways.


Bali is famous for its great beaches, one of the most interesting beaches known as Kuta which offers not just beautiful sandy beaches but also a unique Balinese experience. Serving as an excellent spot for a break from your busy life, where you can spend a lazy afternoon on the beach and relax. Caress your feet with those soft sands or walk into the warm azure waters. The beach has much more – explore the lip smacking dishes in beachside restaurants or chit chat with the vendors with many touristy bric-a-bracs. After a day in the sun and sand get indulged in the beachside Spa for a massage or avail some rejuvenating treatments.



Kuta beach runs for 8 km long and here you have countless exciting activities on offer. Firstly if you are fond of surfing, then you are in right place. If you don’t know surfing, no worries … short surfing courses are available here. The colorful surfboards displayed by the beach will lure you to take a venture  into the sea. Kuta is the most visited and accessible beach and therefore it’s the most crowded too. It’s attractive  to travelers for its beautiful  white sand and many  also flock here to enjoy the majestic sunset and night life. You can also travel to nearby beaches such as Legian, the Seminyak and Tuban beaches. Other beaches like Blue Ocean, Jimbaran, Dreamland, Sanur, Lovina, Canggu Echo, Bukit, Padang Bai which are also worth visiting.

Wildlife Tour in Bali

Bali is the abode of several species, it is the calm home to many rare and endangered species, and you can take wildlife tours operated by many agencies. You will get a chance to see the famous Sumatran tigers, Elephants, Rhinoceros and especially Komodo Dragon – the largest lizard found only in Indonesia. You can find them in the islands of Komodo, Padar, Rinca and Gili Motang. Further to add some more excitement, pay a visit to Bali Safari and Marine Park to have the fun-filled experience of diverse animal life in Bali. You can take elephant rides passing through the jungles which can be a rewarding experience. Taro Jungle is a must for visitors who are fond of surreal nature and wildlife. It’s the best elephant Park and children enjoy the most here as they can have mini rides on horses and elephants. You can take photographs and it is also the ideal setting for some active adventures.

If you want to explore the wonder species of water, drive to Lovina beach in the north and get a chance to watch playful dolphins. Not too far from Lovina, you can extend your trip by visiting the highest waterfall i: e Gitgit waterfall and experience the spectacular surroundings which awes you with its vivid greens and charming nature, an ideal place to take snaps.

Culture and Tradition

Experiencing Bali’s tradition and culture can be a memorable experience, Bali has numerous temples and the island is often called the Land of Temples. In Bali, it is customary that every village will have a minimum of three temples, Bali has more than 20,000 temples and festivals are held at least twice a year in each temple. The festivals accompany grand processions with the local Balinese dressed in  traditional colorful attires. Bali has many festivals observed round the year, the most important being the Nyepi or the Hindu New Year. On this day, absolute silence is observed in the belief that evil spirits will go away believing the location void of the population. Locals and tourists are advised to stay indoors and be as quiet as  possible. It falls in the month of March every year. Many adjustments are made to make sure the festival is observed. Airports and railway stations stop operations, the street is empty throughout the day and night. The silence is observed from the early morning hours and will continue for the next  24 hours. On this occasion they will hold the Ogoh-Ogoh (colorful giants) procession which is an amazing sight to see and enjoy. Other festivals include Galungan in which Gods and ancestors are believed to visit the Earth. The Balinese are very ritualistic having a strong belief on religious performances. Year round festivals represent the true nature of the Balinese people with a strong focus on tolerance and acceptance.

The best time to go Bali is during holiday periods as you will find the island in its height of the celebration mood between mid-March to October. On the streets you will be surrounded by several hawkers all trying to sell something.  Don’t worry they are very courteous and cordial so if you want to buy something you can browse safely and take your time to choose. They generally sell items like carved jewelry, wood and stone carvings, You can often bargain the prices of the items carried by the hawkers. If you are a lover of the arts then you will enjoy browsing through  antiques, wood arts, stone carvings. Shopaholics will definitely have a good time here. You can also go to special shopping areas like Kuta beach, Denpasar, Jimbaran and Celuk village and most popular being the Monkey Forest Road.

Food in Bali

Food in Bali is extremely mouth-watering. Easily you will find plenty of local eateries and dining places serving an authentic yet delicious Balinese meal. Bali has a tradition of unique cuisine which is evident when  you make a journey through the streets. They are mouth watering and served fresh. Culinary travelers will have a great time here. The street vendors are known as warungs. Think of them as your friendly chefs for they can customize any dish according to your taste. You will come across  many dishes made out of rice, coconut, peanut sauce, jack fruit and cucumbers cooked in spicy Balinese spices.


Savoring all such amazing experiences, it’s easy to get impressed by the exquisite offerings of this land. You will certainly realize that why this place is claimed as one the most holiday-friendly spot in Indonesia. The relaxed atmosphere and exotic view of the surroundings makes it the ultimate choice for vacation. Anyone who has visited Bali for even a short period will surely take away enchanting memories with him. This holistic land is often revisited and remembered in times to come.

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