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Villa Eden – Luxury Villa with a Difference in Seminyak, Bali

Most villas in Bali exhibits unique traditional beauty of Bali – meticulous Javanese architectures, antique furniture, beautiful works of wood, infinity pool and more. However, there are exceptions – villas re-interpreting & re-defining architectural beauty and have a world of their own to inspire new ways to savor Bali’s delights. Those villas blend international designs with hospitality & luxury of Bali to bring about – luxury with difference. Introducing Villa Eden, a Spanish-inspired luxury oasis exuding creative simplicity, freshness and bold styles and inspire their guests with the same attributes.

Villa Eden is a constellation of 14 luxury villas, grouped in three bedroom, four bedroom and five bedrooms individual townhouse style mansions and sparkles luxury, comfort and hospitality. The entire property is nestled in a peaceful place, snuggled together facing the beach on one side and river on another side. The soothing views start from the moment you step into the villa surrounds, which is a tranquil panorama of white in green contrast. Tropical trees and neat lawns border the villa while lush leafy bushes outline the villa premises. The royal white color embraces the villa exterior, ornamented by unique hanging gardens and creepers. The front view of the villa highlights beautiful eco-architecture and soothes your eyes.  The architecture of the villa Eden allows the flexibility of linking four villas making them into two magnanimous villas ideal for the large family getaway or for luxury weddings.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden surround

We will delineate the luxury of the five bedrooms, four-storied Seminyak villa 3257 in Villa Eden that represents the luxury experienced in all the mansions of Villa Eden. As you step inside the big white gates of Villa 3257, warm smiles of the staff and cool drinks welcomes you to this luxurious residence. The pleasant teemingness of white brightens the villa, the premises and your heart and gives everything a fresh feel. The trickling L shaped pool, the waving creepers on the villa terraces and the vivid foliage serves great outdoor inspiration and add up to the increasing appreciation of villa architecture.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden exterior

The living room expresses an imposing personality with its all white theme and lures you in to rest your tired body. The sunlight passing through the glass paned veranda and reflecting off the shining wooden floor and the white terrazzo floor provides an impressive luminance and freshness throughout the day. Spacious, lavish and grand furniture jewels the living room and gives compelling reasons to rest in luxury. The spread out arrangement of the wide daybeds, extra tilted lounges, the garden vista with the pool provides an ideal decor for a superb hang out.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Lounge and living room

The living room, true to its meaning, makes living luxurious and easy, full of facilities for both action and inaction. The fully equipped open plan kitchen in the living room means – a continual serving of delicious snacks, while the large TV, DVDs, music systems and the inviting pool guarantees continuous entertainment. The intelligently designed pool with increasing depth in the L shape makes sure the kids have their share of splashing the waters, while the other side of the pool invites you to have a quick lap.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-villa Eden entrance

The groomed lawn hosts a beautiful pamper sun bed, designed to allow you to soak in sunny sun and the soothing breeze through the tropical trees in nature’s embrace. The lawns also tuck in a beautiful bale pavilion at the side decorated with cushions and dim lights to have private gossip with your loved ones or for a lazy lie-down. If you want some rest, the charming day beds laden with cuddly cushions invites you to spread out your arms to repose or to spend some quality time with your family.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Full view of the living room with pool

The evening view of the living room is just spectacular, unique and can activate your dormant mood for rest or zest. The orange hue from the stylish luminaires from under the furniture and the ceiling reflects off the shining floor and from the white decor and spreads a feel of debonair. The lampshade of the lone Frangipani of the lawn, the underwater lights of the pool, the dim luminaire of the bale pavilion and the smooth living room creates a mirthful ambiance and increases the energy flow to rock out or to shop out with your family. If you want some peace, you can tune into some relaxing instrumental or guided meditation from the music system or iPod dock and rest your mind and body in any of the luxury daybeds or double chaises.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Party or relax choice is yours - living room

Talking more about the rest, the villa features exclusive massage and luxurious spa room to add pamper to your rest and add nourishment to your body. You can experience the exquisite massage therapy in the living room under the glass-shaded verandah or enwrap yourself with blends of essential oils and herbs in the private spa neighboring the living room. The spa features cascading water wall and exclusive spa menu to give world-class spa treatment. Rejuvenate and recharge in the luxury spa as your body trickles away all the stress while you take a peaceful breather in the backdrop of soothing water wall.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Massage near the pool in living room

The villa is a bold exhibition of white and the bedrooms are no exceptions. The bedrooms itself and everything in it spreads the royalty of white and give a sense of tranquility and neatness. You can easily search out your smallest belonging if you drop it in these spotless bright and vibrant rooms. The bedroom redefines design of interior and draws attention due to its simplicity and effortless design. The glass walls, contemporary chaise lounges and luxury bed embraced by lazy canopies gives an inviting fresh ambiance.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Luxury bedroom with chaise and daybeds with balcony

The glass walls give a pleasing view of mountain, garden and beach from different rooms and permeate the serene feel of different vistas into the respective rooms. As the sun displays multiple hues throughout the day, it also splashes the bedrooms with the same color throughout the day owing to the glassed walled rooms.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-bedroom with balcony

The all-white room and the silky white curtains uniformly diffuse the beautiful rays for special warmth not to the body but to the heart. The lazy canopy trailing on the floor robes the bed and cocoons you for a carefree sleep. The balconies provide the ideal privacy for time with nature and your partner.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Balcony of the bedroom facing the gardens

The attractive coffee furniture set invites you and your partner to sip in some organic decaf while the canopied cozy day bed at the balcony corner serves as the romantic place to feel caressing of nature and your partner. The bedroom literally follows minimalist theme with only spacious comfort furniture gracing the bedrooms. The grace and elegance of the bedrooms flows to the air-conditioned en suite bathrooms as well. Experience pamper filled bath in the stone bathtubs or showers and enrich your body with finest organic toiletries in big-mirrored bathrooms beautified by foliage and natural stones.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-white bathroom

If you love water and its role in romantic and relaxing experience then Eden villas will not disappoint you. Apart from the generous bathrooms and stylish garden pool, all the villas hosts petal-filled double Jacuzzi in rooftop. The rooftop is a mini replica of living room with beautiful garden, luxury daybeds and the Jacuzzi. The rooftop is the perfect theater for an exclusive viewing of nature’s beauty. Watch the live screening of nature’s pastimes in your cool Jacuzzi as you see the shimmering waves dancing on the beautiful sea while the sun scatters spectrum of crimsons on the sky while the sea horizon displays calming imagery of timeless sunsets with dim outlines of yachts and curious surfers.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Rooftop garden lounge with jacuzzi

The rooftop is the best spot for experiencing the soothing breeze and relaxing panorama accompanied by cozy hangout or a candle-lit dinner. The smooth lawn on the roof with low terrace made up of small tropical shrubs is very simple yet stylish design while the light arrangements from the foot of the daybeds and decorated candles facilitate a romantic ambiance.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-roof top evening with stylish lighting

The Spanish inspired villa has earned recognition not only for its stylish architecture but also for the friendly staffs who have a special quality for outreach. The villa team is extremely attentive to details and makes sure all the practical problems such as arranging cabs, paying through cards, making appointments, language translations is managed smoothly without disturbing your holiday mood.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Neat serving and presentation of lunch

The villa team also specializes in understanding the needs and adding luxury to a holistic lifestyle. They can easily arrange for yoga and meditation class and can cater delicious vegetarian menus. Five chefs take care of the kitchen and delivers best recipes from all across the globe. Taste the finest recipes that leaves a trail of aroma in the dining room, or order your own personalized dishes starting from arranging groceries of your choice to a desired flavor.

Villa 3257-Villa Eden-Team of Concierges

All the villas are ripe with modern facilities and bears fruits of care, quality and luxury with a difference. The Villa management and the staffs follow a philosophy of continuous learning and improvising and always focused on delivering the best. The villa is located in a tranquil place for a traffic proof holiday and yet a short drive away from entertainment hubs. The royal white villa features style and elegance and radiates a unique boldness making it attractive for large groups or wedding occasions. The villa follows a clear approach – to facilitate an uncluttered luxury vacation.  Villa Eden and its staffs look forward to putting smiles on you and your loved ones.

The wonderful images of the villa aptly describes the new meaning of luxury, comfort and hospitality.

Check the awesome video which comfortably substantiates the attribute – “luxury with a difference”.


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